Bhagat Leela - 3rd Place at Berlin Regionals

boreira 602

Some time ago @Tugtetgut showed me his list of double breakers Leela, @Percomis played it at Euros

Since Leela is now very popular wanted to add to deck some spicy, unexpected boost. Of course Beth Kilrain-Chang is super efficient but without her there is 4 influence to spend.. and Bhagat is exactly what you need to make corp look like

opis w przypadku braku

Yeah just another successful run trigger that can make the game

Also added Hernando Cortez expecting some Jinjas and glaciers and that was a good call used him in every game.

In the top cut lost to two perfectly played Argus of @Saan and @Dome_ who rushed me out while I had to play around hard-hitting thread. Was missing No One Home sooo badly, just add it and enjoy, the deck is cool.

Cangrats to @Saan for great performance, thanks to organizers, awesome community will def come back to Berlin soon!