Doom Rig Arissana (1st in Esslingen CO)

ArminFirecracker 880

Right after the Automa release I started with Arissana and almost played here exclusively. Such a cool Shaper ID!

I tried many different versions of it and finally The King gave me his list and it rocks. My main changes were adding 2 Pinholes (since I expected Voids and Keelings) and cutting 2 Slap Vandals (and very sadly a Fermenter).

Depending on the Q-Loop triggers, the setup can be quick. Money usually gets rolling as soon as an Environmental Testing gets full or the corp makes the mistake of an unrezeble ice, loaded with a Kyuban.

The Corp needs to watch out for R&D. A cheap entry with an Pichação, Kyuban and Conduit can quickly escalte.

Echelon is pretty bad in the beginning, so if there is a mean sentry early game you can grab the Ika, which also gives value through Urban Art Vernissage & co. Late game Echelon is really strong and note that Slap Vandal is an Icebreaker in the regards of Echelon and Unity.

3 Sep 2023 Jinsei

I can attest

This might be the best

8 Sep 2023 armylearned

It's always one of my favorite choice up to now. Like spacebar) clicker!