The Big Bad (Pub) Squid [v01]

FragSpider 87

A bit of a random thought experiment with Apex: Invasive Predator.

I've jokingly built some odd themed decks about Apex being the Borg (Muresh, Plascrete, Brain Cage, Titanium Ribs and some interesting destructive card choices), and a chess-computer gone mad (Deep Red, E3s, Pawns, Knights and Clone Chips with just enough to squeeze in a Levy AR), but I wanted to try something a little more... odd and alternative to the recursion-heavy decks that he seems to inspire.

From what I can see due to his powers and cards; Apex is supposed to be a damage soak. Heartbeat, from what I can gather is core to his entire playstyle; an emergency damage deflector to allow you to walk through horrid servers without too much problem when brute force attacking (for example, the Surprise Janus which can ruin any runners day). But you need to only use Heartbeat as that emergency "HOLY CRAP!" button if truly necessary as you want to break those End the Runs with Endless Hunger, let alone possibly use #Prey to obliterate an annoying piece of ice.

So I thought... what about using Leverage? I mean, as Apex you'll be running HQ due to Apocalypse being in your mix, so the ability to deflect that extra damage (or cause the Corp to get Bad Publicity) makes sense. Atop that, it could be coupled with Itinerant Protesters for amusing card control over the Corp; forcing them to slam down cards in desperation so not to lose them, but making that action far more risky should Apex Apocalypse the table again...

... As said, this is a thought experiment. Not exactly expecting it to work remarkably well. However, the concept of using Apex along the lines of Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe seemed too interesting to pass up.

Thoughts people of NRDB?

13 Aug 2015 FarCryFromHuman

First thought: Heartbeat makes Brain Cage great.

Second thought: This deck really embraces Endless Hunger. I'm loving how much damage you can soak. What I'm not loving is the lack of econ. I don't think 2x Sure Gamble and 3x Wasteland is going to cut it. I'd try to find a way to slot one more SG and 1-3 Easy Mark or Day Job. Other than that, I think this could work, and certainly it is interesting and fun to play.

13 Aug 2015 FragSpider

@FarCryFromHuman: Yeah, I can see your point looking at it now. Economy with Apex does seem to be a hard area to grasp due to that absense of resources, and his Apocalypse wipes most money makers from the face of the Earth... Hnm.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback! :)