Apex Be Running

booch 1

My take on Apex.

Endless Hunger + e3 forms the core of his breaker suite. Bioroids with e3 out are waltzed through as is anything with an end the run.

I splashed for Always Be Running to take care of problem non-ETR ice, which when combined with Prey seems like it will take care of most problems. (Architect is the notable outlier).

Prepaid econ seems like the only fit, since resources are out, and he's such a memory glutton, but I'm not sure how much is actually needed since his rig costs all of 2 credits to install (Endless Hunger, e3, ABR). Cache is there to be used as food which triggers Wasteland for a poor HAL's Aesop's.

The biggest need seems to be for card draw and Prepaids + influence cheap Quality Time seems to fit the bill nicely, especially with being able to install a card at the beginning of your turn click free, it's unlikely that you'll have to toss cards from QT.

Unfortunately this is all influence and I don't have multi-access. Maybe there's too much econ here? Who knows?

Q-Coherence Chip is a Heartbeat placeholder to allow a cache to be installed, and sold for food as soon as the console appears. 0 to install cards are tasty, as I don't feel like 1 card facedown a turn is enough to fund all of his trash costs.


I love Scheherazade in Apex, especially with 3 Harbinger and 3 Cache, but I had to take it out for the QT.

I also want Crescentus or Emergency Shutdown in order to derez an Architect and let Apocalypse trash it as well.

I might find a way to squeeze these in, but it seems unlikely haha.

Oh mighty denizens of NetrunnerDB, I submit myself to your judgement.