I don't want to win, I just want to punish you for your hubr

Grumblecorn 62

An experimental deck. Any advice would be appreciated.

Identity is Haarpsichord Studios to allow me to use my agendas to mess with the runner without allowing them to flood their score.

Ice isn't supposed to stop the runner, just hurt them and make them cautious about running.

4 Sep 2015 FarCryFromHuman

There's a lot of ICE that's cheaper and more annoying than what you are using. Wraparound is great for taxing via installs, Troll works beautifully here, and D&D has both Turnpike and TL;DR. Chum is cheap on influence and does exactly what you want. Kitsune is always funny in Haarpsichord (yes please access my Quantum Predictive Model/15 Minutes out of my hand while running on R&D).

I definitely wouldn't use cards that require you to sacrifice agendas. You need to keep every single point you can. Franchise City looks really good here, since every turn counts.

If you want to get really mean, check out things like Shinobi and Checkpoint. You basically don't care about bad pub here (nothing to trash) so go crazy with it.

Shipment from MirrorMorph might be really nice here for actually creating scoring windows; since the runner can only steal one agenda per turn, slapping down two to three in naked remotes with a single click will let you score at least one of them, with time to protect the second.