Your Standard Void Hydras (4-2 & 7th @NtscapeNavigator's SC)

Matuszczak 2192

Credit for the shell of the deck to @Odol, he piloted a very similar list to 14th place in the same tournament. Check out the deck tagged as "derived from" for his more detailed writeup on an earlier version. For the last few weeks this was our pet project and we're still tuning the list (I wanted to say fine tuning, but that would just be a lie, there are minor revolutions in every iteration :) ).

This deck should really be called Void Data Wards, but this does not sound nearly as cool as Void Hydras. The value for 6 creds is insane and it's the whole reason why it's worthwhile playing ACME. Some other ICE benefit from the ability, but testing showed that "good in ACME ICE" is still worse than "good everywhere ICE". Odol was on Mumbai Void Hydras, I don't love the card quite as much as he does, but it's worth considering as a 1/2 of, it should help the difficult MaxX matchup and be more or less useful across the board.

Enjoy and play around with this, there are probably a few versions to go before this takes it's final form, but it's already not an easy deck to beat :)

16 Aug 2021 13ird

Thanks for the writeup! What in particular made Maxx a harder matchup?