[6th @ CanNats] Najja is a good card

enkoder 846

Najja 1.0 is the best card in this list! Ok, no it's not, but seriously in this meta its a very good choice. With 3x NEXT Activation Command you've got some sick early plays to score an Offworld Office behind a cheeky Najja. You love to see it with an asset in your opening hand because if the runner pays 3 clicks and some credits to trash an early money asset, you're coming out ahead.

This deck can beat runners in the race to remote lock and score out quickly but you'll certainly leak some agendas in the process. That is OK though since you're racing against boats. You basically lose if the remote can be locked down and you can't draw your NAC so go fast at all cost!

It's a fun list and huge shout out to Tug's ASA for inspiration. I was playing PD before this tourney and I much prefer this style of asset econ. You have more dynamic/bursty turns and can make plays in the remote like jamming a Nico in the scoring remote and a food behind a secondary remote ftw.

The deck went 2-1 (SSS) dropping a game to a tagme Zayah which was a very winnable game.

13 Sep 2022 TugtetguT

Looks good, Gotta try out a Najja or two now. Didn't miss the skunkworks?

13 Sep 2022 enkoder

@TugtetguT Najja was sick! Same reason why you were on 1x icewall, good boat tax and has plays with NAC. Re Manegarm Skunkworks - hard to tell. In my (limited) testing leading up to the tourney if the runner could get into the remote and contest a score, 5 credits wasn't really a big deal. Or the remote was locked already and I'm more vulnerable on centrals. /shrug