Stuck Between Stations (King of Swiss Atlanta Regionals)

gunsling3r 248

Again, with me being bad at the internets, you get a quick hits list instead of a properly detailed write up.

  1. I've played a version of Mnemonics glacier since Reign and Reverie dropped. The powers that be kept banning my econ engines, but the core was powerful enough that you could switch up the money and no one would ever know.

  2. The game plan is pretty simple - see how many times you can make a runner waste a click. Sometimes this happens when you kick a runner out of a server with a Bio Vault when they would otherwise steal an agenda. Other times, you steal a click when the runner runs through an Anansi and a Kakugo just to see a single advance Bio Vault.

  3. The Saraswati ability is really great. In some ways it is just getting an extra click - kind of like a weaker Palana. But most of the time, you are compressing the fundamental flow of the game. Install-advance-advancing a 5/3 is balanced to take up an entire turn. That's not true here. In this deck, you get another click to deploy some additional defense or play a money card. This is especially true on turns where you want to play Fast Track. There are plenty of times the runner will feel safe, thinking they have a couple of turns to stabilize. Just Fast Track an Obokata and win.

  4. Saraswati is also an amazing bluff ID. By the mid game, you just want to use your ID ability once a turn, and dump a 1-advanced card into your stacked remote. Is it a Bio-Vault? Is it a Nisei? The runner has to guess right every time, or they will find themselves unable to steal an agenda when it matters.

  5. When all you care about is limiting the number of viable runs a turn, Fairchild 2.0 is bonkers.

  6. This deck goes from controlling to rushy in a heartbeat. Your first few turns are set defending centrals and building a super taxing remote. Once you score your first Nisei you are off to the races. Keep jamming cards into the remote. The runner will either go broke trying to defend, or you will grow your end the run triggers.

  7. Your ideal scoring patterns is Nisei, Nisei, Obokata. I almost always give away an early SSL or a mid-game Obokata. Scoring these doesn't actually do anything for you, so either get the extra econ or knock the runner back so you can jam your next agenda.

Sorry for the abbreviated description. Such is the life of a middle-aged dude with two small children. If you have questions fire them off in the comments and I'll try to respond.

Big thanks to everyone in the Atlanta area for keeping Netrunner alive. Sorry I had to bow out in the cut (see previous note about dad responsibilities).

27 Aug 2019 Caedus

Do you think Enhanced Login Protocol or Eli 1.0 are worth considering since you are trying to tax clicks?

27 Aug 2019 gunsling3r

@Caedus you could definitely use Eli. I had him in here for a while. You would replace IP Block. I think IP Block is currently a little better as it can lock out folks on Turtle.

ELP is a little tougher - just because of influence. It is definitely on theme, but you have to sacrifice some good, taxing ICE and Scarcity to play it.

5 Sep 2019 Gerrark

First of all, I love the deck idea. I'm so glad someone is out there showing people how ridiculously strong compressing an install and advance into the same action is.

Now that we know about it from the booster pack, are you interested in trying to slip in a La Costa Grid? It feels like it would allow you to bluff out 5/3s as 4/2s, and also continue to compress your clicks in a way that makes people wondering how this isn't Haas.

5 Sep 2019 gunsling3r

@Gerrark I’m definitely going to give it a try. My initial guess is that it doesn’t make the final cut - most likely over Batty. But if it does, you probably also need to make some additional changes like squeezing in a Junebug or possibly Gene Splicer. The ability on La Costa seems really powerful, but I don’t know if this list is really set up for it yet.

6 Sep 2019 raouldukelives

Upvote for leaving events early b/c kids.