[2-1, 5th at Nottingham CO] paaaap

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On reading this decklist description, please paaaap your nearest plushie. Here is a GIF to explain.

Kirby being paaaap-ed

Being a GIF, you can't hear AceEmpress say "paaaaaaap", so you'll have to pretend. The "p" is the (not too firm!) contact, the "aaaa" is the stroking and the final "p" is the release.

Anyway, the deck! paaaap stands for Project Atlas, Archer, Armed Asset Protection. To be honest the Armed Asset Protection is barely a part of the deck, but it leads to a funny decklist name so is very important.

This deck went 2-1 at Nottingham CO, which along with my Akiko deck took me to 5th place. The one loss was to a very well-piloted Kit deck that stopped me rushing out any agendas by grabbing an Engolo on turn two.

This is a sequel to my previous Nottingham CO deck, which aims to get an Archer online as quickly as humanly possible. The difference we have here, aside from a few new ice, is Eminent Domain, which lets you summon an Archer for free, or two if you score Eminent on Tucana and then use Tucana to tutor the second Archer while forfeiting the Eminent you just used. I didn't pull that trick off on the day, but I wish I had.

To be honest, there's not loads to say that's different from the previous deck. Losing Hostile Takeover is not ideal because that's a way to get a rezzed Archer early without having to leave an agenda on the table, but not taking bad publicity is huge. There's probably an argument for running a second Audacity somehow to force that first score so you can start scoring behind the Archer, or some other kind of fast advance. Ganked! is incredibly funny and gives your Archers some extra teeth, but the influence could be spent on fast advance here if need be. It may just be that the weakness of this deck is having to score the first agenda without Archer to help, and that's okay.

Also Hammer is incredibly funny AI hate, and single handedly won my second game.

Thanks to Lew for running the event, and congrats to lif3line for winning with such cool decks!

24 Mar 2024 lif3line

This is the Ob we need..