harmonbee, Archer Respecter [4th@Notts H2 '23]

harmonbee 390

This deck, alongside my runner (which has a more detailed deck description including special thanks and a tournament report) got me to 4th place in the recent Nottingham CO.

I was less happy with the performance of this deck than my runner's, but still like it and know where I want to improve it. This is a slightly slower, rigshooty variant of all of the Rush Obs we've seen published, but still shares a fair amount of DNA with those Obs. Here's a short list of the differences:

  • We run 3x SDS Drone Deployment because scoring it is super rude at the moment. As such, we've also got 2x Seamless Launch to back it up.
  • With 3x SDS, we can run 3x Hostile Takeover to round out the agenda suite, which is a delight with Tucana. This also means I can run my rigshooter pet card, 1x Archer, which absolutely nobody likes breaking.
  • We have 1x Armed Asset Protection, which I really like for bouncing back up from low credits. It becomes a cheap Hedge Fund very quickly (three different types in the bin - usually a Rashida, a Border Control or Envelopment, and a Mavirus are the easy three).
  • We also have 1x Corporate Troubleshooter, which is good with the destroyers as you'd expect, but also with Envelopment to make a near-unassailable remote ice. I didn't use it on the day.

The deck did fine on the day, although I want to make it more consistent. The two lines this deck has is getting an early Archer on a remote to score behind (and Thimblerig can move it onto centrals during off-turns), and scoring SDS Drone Deployment to set the runner back enough for another score - but there were cases where neither line happened and I was just playing a bad variant of Rush Ob. M.I.C. wasn't worth it - I thought it'd be cool to tutor Envelopment vs Mulch decks and be a taxing code gate vs Crims, but I never wanted to rez it. I think I'm going to try -1 M.I.C -1 Mavirus +1 Hortum +1 Calibration Testing.

Regardless, much to think about. See my runner writeup for full details on the tournament and special thanks!

10 Dec 2023 jan tuno

love me some quear decks, this is great

12 Dec 2023 harmonbee

thank you ob friendo <3

13 Dec 2023 goalieswear

so good friend. doodle jump