[2-1, 5th at Nottingham CO] girls

harmonbee 331

this deck contains five (5) girls!!!! okay one of them is the ID but shh


So I did originally want to leave the decklist write-up as just the above, but after going 2-1 with it (and the loss being in part due to seeing one agenda in thirteen R&D accesses) I thought I'd actually write something about it. Alongside my Archer-based Ob deck, it took 5th at Nottingham CO, missing the cut by 0.1 points of extended strength of schedule (which was honestly pretty funny after 0.2 seconds of being irritated - I honestly didn't know that two extended strength of schedules could be so close).

In short, get as many R&D accesses as you can. “Pretty” Mary da Silva upgrades your R&D ability and can fire on a use of Nyashia, Trick Shot or Eru Ayase-Pessoa at threat. You still have respectable enough breakers to get into the remote if needed.

Your economy is usual Aesop’s Pawnshop-style, with Environmental Testing to pay out from all of your double installs via Muse. Coalescence is a lovely boon for this kind of deck. I decided on 2x Aesop's and 1x Spec Work with the hope that if I drew Spec Work first, it would help find the Aesop's, and if I drew it later then it'd still be useful.

Physarum Entangler is a delight in decks which run Muse - this has a ridiculous number of targets. Throw it on the R&D ice on turn one and run - if they rez a barrier, you can most likely bounce off, and otherwise you can just waltz past it and force a psigame with Akiko. I love this card so much, it feels kind of like a replacement for D4v1d.

The deck definitely needs work but I'm excited to keep working on it. Miscellaneous thoughts:

  • I'm unsure about Pressure Spike - it's great for big barriers, but paying 6c to tutor it to then only break Ping feels a bit crap. A Propeller as a backup might help there, or a Pelangi so I can at least use it to break other big ice in a pinch?
  • The deck feels like it needs more draw: the Career Fair should probably be the third Bahia Bands, and I really wanted second Spec Work on the day.
  • I never installed Daily Casts because I felt like I had enough money, but I never encountered a super glacier-y matchup. The Pantograph can probably go as well.
  • Imp might want to be a Cupellation.

Thanks to Lew for running the event, and congrats to lif3line for winning with such cool decks!

25 Mar 2024 jan tuno

polycule archetype grows stronger

25 Mar 2024 Testrunning

Nice deck. Would beatriz make sense as well? Or is she too cute

25 Mar 2024 harmonbee

@Testrunning Thank you! Yeah, Beatriz would absolutely make sense, and I did consider her, but slots are tough. I've not missed her too much during play (except for the fact that she's another girl and thus miss her by default) - Eru has done more than enough for getting into R&D once it is too well-defended, and people are icing HQ vs Shaper because of Burner. She is definitely still worth considering though, especially if you found an influence reason for cutting Eru.

I also considered Juli Moreira Lee for about four seconds for similar girl reasons, but she definitely doesn't do enough here.