x3r0h0ur 8583

This deck is the hotness. Similar to all other tech writer+cache decks, this one goes all in on it, with Aesop's.

I had 2 Diesel 2 QT and it was fine, but 3 QT, which you can easily afford, lets you find what you need, and lets you get going. Using Rara and Hera you can install 2 chameleons for 1 click and for free. If you need only 1, you can drop a cache or harbinger and get 6+ clickless credits out of them (okay 1 click). Tech writer never gives less than 10, and I've had upwards of 30 on it.

Personal workshop, clone chip and SMC all enable triggers on the corp's turn, which means more Tech Writer credits, more board development, and more click compression. Chameleon doesn't return to your hand until the end of YOUR turn.

Keep an eye on your harbinger though, if you aesops it, you don't get your Hayley trigger that turn. Also keep one around for shutdown in matches where it's like to be run., as hera typically holds everything.

Chameleon is your scorch protection, so SMC out the third one on the turn before the kill shot, the bounce, with 5 cards, puts you at 8 cards. You can't afford to be tagged so duck tags as much as possible.

16 Oct 2015 Cryoclasm

I would drop 1 Scheherazade, 1 Chameleon . Memory must be an issue with so many things out. I would replace them with Street Peddler. No Plascrete makes me think that you leave in a wonderful world, where no one plays Scorched Earth. Also I don't think Crescentus belongs to this list, I would rather use Paricia to deal with assets.

I am sorry, I suggested many changes to this deck and am not sure that I counted all influence correctly, though.

16 Oct 2015 lolpaca

Chameleon is pretty decent Scorch protection, although it's often worth the Corp Scorching you anyway to get those pesky critters out of your hand.

16 Oct 2015 x3r0h0ur

@Cryoclasm Honestly you need scheherazade and tutoring for it kind of sucks. The third chameleon is your scorch protection, you need to get them all to bounce to your hand as long as you're behind on money, which won't be forever. If you can play around scorch with the awesome econ the deck has, then you shouldn't have problems. For MU, there really is not a lot of pressure on it, since most of the programs you see don't take up MU! Your rig is Rara, 3 breakers and maybe a cache, which is going to be sold. With any 1 permanent breaker out, you only need to install 2 chameleons if you plan to hit a server with all 3 types on it. Doesn't happen as much as you think.

Crescentus is for tollbooth mostly, but also helps in the BS matchup since you can't readily stop the OAI+CW combo.

Paricia is a great add, and might be better than the replicator, but could also become the free slot after a change I'm considering, which is -1 crescentus -1 harbinger (3 is too many) +1 parasite (or a few other 2 Inf pieces I've been looking at). Though I think that 1x plascrete can take the early pressure off against like a supermodernism style deck.

@lolpaca Exactly I got ronin +emp'ed to clear them out just last night. Luckily I had most of my permanents available, and a clone chip left over.

16 Oct 2015 konradh

Two Chameleons are completly fine in my Kate deck, with so many programs they will just clog your hand. I would switch third for second copy of Personal Workshop, because you want to find it fast for this combo to work.

16 Oct 2015 Shmeguy

Yeah I've found 3 harbinger is too many, I would drop 1 and Crescentus for a single legwork since you have no HQ multi access. With this kind of Hayley deck that can contest remotes very easily, if you cook the legwork carefully for the right amount of time it very often bags you 4-5 points.

16 Oct 2015 x3r0h0ur

@konradh I think I just prefer the 3 because I prefer to naturally draw into them, and having 3 allows for scorch protection (for the period of time needed). The PW is a nice to have but not necessary to me, so 1 has been okay, 2 would just be nice.

@shmeguy I feel like without SoT legwork isn't really worth it, I'd rather have a utility program than that, maybe even nerve agent (that might cause MU problems though. NA looks better for reputability and building up counters to force cards into the remote. I do think something 2 inf + paricia is solid in this meta though....

16 Oct 2015 Shmeguy

The 1 legwork has been incredibly effective in my games due to the surprise element. As soon as the RDI hits the table (or as soon as the corp sees a shaper) rnd gets super iced and generally gets the Crisium Grid. You're right that SOT helps make the most out of it but it also severely hinders the surprise and the corp is simply not going to hold on to their good agendas, besides it is very hard to get more than 1 good legwork. At the end of the day just my preference but I thought I'd defend my stance on it :) Something else I love in Hayley pawnshop is imp, since you're making a profit on it, and in this meta you can imp the scorched earth and agendas you don't want to steal to avoid the Midseasons (very good against harpsichord)

16 Oct 2015 x3r0h0ur

I wonder if we can get two birds stoned at once and go -1 crescentus -1 harbinger +2 scrubber....scrubber is hot now too.

16 Oct 2015 x3r0h0ur

@shmeguy Doesn't crisium not do shit against RDI?

16 Oct 2015 Shmeguy

Yeah sorry that was following on from the shaper comment, because of indexing and maker's eye

19 Oct 2015 AsteriskCGY

If not legwork always HQ Interface.

30 Oct 2015 Grimwalker

Currently trying this with: +1 Plascrete +2 Scrubber -1 Crescentus -1 Harbinger

based on comments made here and over on the Novelist decklist. I love Hayley so much, I'm always keen to try a good build.

I don't find the triggers too taxing. Automatic stuff and Hayley shenanigans are old hat for me...I've been playing her obsessively for almost a year and a half, off and on.

30 Oct 2015 x3r0h0ur

That is exactly the current iteration I run, but I actually put in 2 plascretes because 24/7 scorch is fast and replicator helps thin the deck, so I have no problem being a bit over 46. I also have an iteration with levy and no Armitage

31 Oct 2015 Grimwalker


I have felt a desire for Levy once the Harbingers and TWs are gone.

It's more fun than sliced stupid people on toast though so I think I found my jam. =)