Geistland 1.0

pang4 831

So, experimenting with Geist a bit. In particular, I wanted to see if we have influence to play Wasteland. The card synergizes SO WELL with Geist. Cheap drip econ that rewards you for doing what you want to do anyway: running aggressively and trashing your B&E suite.

As of yet untested, but I think it can be quite powerful if piloted correctly.

Tips and ideas are always welcome.

21 Dec 2015 TeachMeToAim

I like Geist+Wasteland, but I wouldn't do it without Fall Guy. It can be trashed on corp turn as well, meaning more money. Also I'd recommend at least one more link so that Crowbar, Shiv and Spike doesn't take up MU. Maybe add some Dyson Mem Chip, or even change console to Forger and go for even more link. Security Chip works great with both the cloud breakers, and Geist's ability, so it's definetely an option too. I went a different route with my GeistLand, adding Donut Taganes and almost no events (only one Levy AR Lab Access and three Calling in Favors).