How me a macaroani learned computer? v0.1

Shiiuga 1199

Dear athetits...

Untested Apex deck. Wanted to build a Data Leak Reversal deck in Apex but then realised being tagged would be a bit of a bummer for someone who can't really do anything to stop it. (Aren't the Pap interested in a sentient virus? Pah!)

Thus I came to the idea of an Eathole deck. Regrettably the influence for this is much higher than if I could just wantonly click away the corp's cards without fear of having my virus granny's terminal blown up, but nonetheless, here it is.

I reckon the combo works really well with Apocalypse. You Keyhole for a few turns until you draw your Apocalypse, then Eat your way in to all the servers before dropping that Apocalypse like it's hot, which I expect most Apocalypses (Apocalypsi?) would be.

Hades Shard is there to capitalise on your apocalyptic turn. Hopefully you can drop it instead of accessing Archives on that run. ZU.13 Key Master and Mimic are there exclusively to deal with Turing and Swordsman respectively. If your meta is light on those cards or you enjoy death you could free up 3 influence there for another Keyhole or Eater or some more draw or recursion.

Brain Cage because you can probably mitigate the damage and it'll help if you don't have lots of cards to sack off for preventing scorches, Prepaid VoicePAD because Apex don't do money good and there's a lot of expensive events, but mostly other normal Apex tricks.

I'm not sure if you even really need Endless Hunger in here tbh, and that may get dropped, cause you're not really going for accesses. Just mill as much as possible, then Apocalypse when the time is right.