NEXT King of England v8

magikot 1975

Version 8 of my King of England deck.


Accelerated Beta Test - Scoring an early ABT is key. With 22 ice in the deck, you will hit one or two when you score this (most of the time). The combo with Team Sponsorship helps you build larger ice towers or multiple secure remotes.

Global Food Initiative - You really need to be careful when choosing your influence for NEXT since the ID is crippled with only 12 of it. GFI is worth the slot. It has a psuedo form of self protection and it means the runner need to steal four agendas, while you only need to score 3.

NAPD Contract - One of the best defensive agendas in the game.


Adonis Campaign - First part of your economic package and a prime candidate for TS/Architect recursion.

Melange Mining Corp. - Two turns of this sets you up with enough credits for the rest of the game.

Team Sponsorship - Gives the deck quite a bit of speed, combos well with ABT, and helps keep your economy robust by recurring Adonis. I'd include 3 but I need the CVS.

Jackson Howard - Only two copies of our lord and savior because agenda floods happen rarely. More recursion is always good.


Pretty standard here. Two Ash and a CVS to prevent accesses and wipe viruses off Mediums/Suckers.


Again standard. 3 Hedge, 3 Green Level gives a good early game burst economy and side advantage of some card draw.


Grail suite - Galahad, Merlin, and Lancelot. Merlin is capable of turn 1 kills, albeit rarely is out of Yog range, costs Zu 6 credits to break, passport 5, and refractor a stealth and 3. Lancelot helps with surprise rig trashing when tacked onto one of the other ones. Galahad costs Lady two tokens or Corroder three credits to break through.

NEXT Ice - I've been a big fan of NEXT ice for a while now and it's wonderfully thematic in its namesake deck. Up to 6 strength or 6 subs provides a substantial tax to the runner.

Viper - This forgotten gem is a powerhouse. Being able to leverage your economic advantage into draining clicks from the runner is strong. Put it on HQ to deny Account Siphon spam.

Turing - Shuts down Faust pretty hard. If they want to get into a remote or R&D the ice tower you have will likely cost them their entire hand and then Turin eats their remaining clicks for the turn.

Ichi - Always a threat. Being able to trash rigs, occasionally deal out a brain, and handing out tags so you can kill Kati, Earthrise, Liberated, etc. makes this a quality piece of ice.

Architect - One of the few pieces of ice in the deck that doesn't die to a sideways glance from a Parasite. A 2 credit tax is decent, recursion is better.

Score out an early ABT or two (preferably with TS backing you up), and then sit back and leverage your massive ice towers and economy against the runner until you can score out.

18 Nov 2015 joeshire

Great, deck looks really fun to play, only thing I would like to say is turing is definitely never taking a whole faust players hand. It can't be broken by ai breakers faust can't even break threw it.

18 Nov 2015 magikot

Yeah, I wasn't clear in my definition (this is why we don't publish decks at work...). I meant that the rest of the ice tower takes the hand and then Faust eats the rest of the clicks.

18 Nov 2015 Facecheck

No space for a single NEXT Gold? Too expensive?

18 Nov 2015 magikot

I've tried it several times, I want to love NEXT Gold. I just don't. It's a very expensive, weak ice and Ichi just does its job better. Sure, it will give another Str or Sub to Bronze and Silver while Ichi won't, but unless I'm including all 3 it isn't worth it. And all 3 is too expensive.

18 Nov 2015 Tritogeneia

Why not -1 Global Food Initiative and +1 Project Vitruvius? It would free up an influence to replace 1 Ichi 1.0 with a Lancelot.

18 Nov 2015 FarCryFromHuman

If you can find the room, do you think a single Cybernetics Court would be worthwhile? It just seems really nice in combination with Grail ICE and Team Sponsorship.

18 Nov 2015 magikot

@Tritogeneia a perfectly reasonable substitution if you'd want to do that.

@FarCryFromHuman I've never considered Cybernetics Court before. Thanks for the suggestion, it's something I will need to test out.

18 Nov 2015 hi_impact

Really solid list. NEXT Design and NEXT ICE are made for Team Sponsorship. It helps the tempo push so well and seems to be a natural fit. Good econ too.

Surprised by the Merlin over Lancelot, but it makes sense. I'd cut the Vipers since they share the Merlin spot for more Turings or maybe an IQ. Deck seems pretty capable of emptying its hand in the early game for a cheap rez.

27 Nov 2015 fetish

Playing this, here's my report: Team Sponsorship is only going to fire maximum twice, probably once if you don't draw it anyhow. I'm not sure that's worth 3 slots. Accelerated Beta Test and Architect give me better install speed.

I find the Grail Ice to be more useful than NEXT Ice.

Because the deck is so Ice-Heavy, I find that I don't really need big card draw or Archives protection. I play most games w/o using Jackson Howard.

The biggest problem overall is that most runners are way more powerful than the corp late game; and this deck lacks the ability to push the runner into action. I find Blackmail just punishing, and it basically forces me to install all Econ cards into my scoring server just to draw them out; overall an inefficient use, but you've got to find a window to res your ICE eventually.

Anyhow, I think this deck needs a splash of Operations for tag punishments or something.

23 Dec 2015 aero

How's about some Peak Efficiency?

18 Jan 2016 MalaFide

Have you tried The Root in this deck, expensive influence wise, but its quite amazing in Next