Sunny Day, Chasing the Cloud Away

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Trivia_Lad 1

A fairly straight-forward Sunny deck that relies on the dual power of her cloud breakers and the Security Nexus.

Datasucker, Ice Carver, Multithreader and Security Chip are all there to augment the power of the GS breakers, with Paintbrush meaning that even if I've only got one breaker out, the deck still has options of where to run.

Rabbit Hole and Access to Globalsec boost my link even higher so traces become a non-problem, while the Disrupter means that I can be assured to win those really crucial ones. Jak Sinclair means that I can run single ice servers for free at the start of my turn using the Security Nexus.

The deck eats money like a monster, so most of the events and resources are centred on getting cash, with a mix of drip and burst economy.

Feedback welcomed!

15 Dec 2015 DrakeSpirit

Interesting idea, why access to globalsec? Why not swap it out for some dyson mem chips? That would give you more memory to play with as well as more link

15 Dec 2015 Trivia_Lad

@DrakeSpirit Memory is not too much of a problem - Security Nexus takes me up to 5, and all my breakers are Cloud-based, so don't use any. But also, the deck is based around cards I own, and I don't have Trace Amount yet. Would be handy for getting all the Multithreaders out though

15 Dec 2015 Mechanoise

It might be worth replacing Disrupter with Power Tap to gain benefits from using Security Nexus' ability, also, card draw, what do you do about card draw in a 50 card deck with no real tutors?

15 Dec 2015 DrakeSpirit

@Trivia_Lad at best your current rig can provide 5 mem, so assuming a full breaker suit that would leave you with enough to drop one of every other program you have. Not bad, but if you really want to put the hurt on the corp you are going to want more than one multithreader out and more than one datasucker, those two are screaming to have more than one copy out at a time, especially if you are only running a cloud breaker suit, they are awesome, but expensive.

Dont worry about not owning the cards just yet, many of the local groups are ok with people using proxies until they can get their hands on the cards they need (I have done this with one Jackson Howard).

I might run a modified version of this next week at my flgs.

15 Dec 2015 Trivia_Lad

@DrakeSpirit Good advice - will look at giving it a go with that setup

15 Dec 2015 StarryVeck

I feel Special Order would be a better include than Paintbrush. Would free up influence and help avoid potential memory woes. Don't forget Paintbrush only works on rezzed ICE, so is no help when facechecking. Switching Disrupter for Power Tap would do the same (plus, Power Tap stays on the board and doesn't need memory).

15 Dec 2015 pang4

Multiaccess? No? That's not a thing? No Legwork, no Medium? How do you beat FA-decks, or assetspam decks?

Also, this deck needs card draw. John Masanori or Earthrise Hotel are influence-free options, or you could free up influence to run Diesel, Quality Time or I've Had Worse (which can double as defense against kill decks).