Redline - 11th at Euros 2018

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Now that we have the mandatory gif out of the way, this is a standard Titan fast advance deck. You use cards like Biotic Labor, Audacity and the combination of Dedication Ceremony + Reconstruction Contract to score out Project Atlases from hand. The current meta is not suitable for rushing out of remotes in my opinion and scoring from hand solves this problem quite elegantly.

I managed to be the only Titan in the top 16 of Euros 2018 and I'd like to think that's because this list is the most consistent build of Titan, but it's more likely because of the awesome draws I had in swiss. There were at least 4 games where I think I scored out in like turn 5 or 6.

This list is very similar to the previous iteration I played in the past months, the only difference is switching around the ICE and switching Shipment from Mirrormorph to Archived Memories. Couple of notes:


I wanted to run as least 0 strength ICE as possible because an early Aumakua can punish those quite well. That's why ICE wall is the prime barrier and a Vanilla is there to just have a 4th one.

I like Enigma over Hortum because making the runner lose a click will win you more games than the potential ability to hose 4 power AI breakers.

Errand Boy is an awesome piece of ICE that is your main face-check punishment. Runners will likely run into any unrezzed ICE to get as many accesses as fast as possible and no one's ever glad to have to break it with MkUltra. If you're broke it can give you credits, if you have enough to score it gives you cards, simple as that. Also it's a fun way to defuse an Indexing if they can't break it.

Excalibur is also a nice face-check for runners that try to run a lot against a deck, but also does double duty on R&D. If they can't break it on R&D it will give you a window to fetch an Atlas from the deck with your Atlas counter while not having to worry about the runner stealing it from HQ.

Kill package

I am personally on the view that Hard-Hitting News and Boom are wasted slots in Titan. Yes, you will occasionally kill a runner, but the whole point of the deck is going fast and scoring or securing Atlases. Anything else just keeps you from reaching your main goal. When you have an Atlas counter and enough money to land a solid Hard-Hitting News and threaten to Boom after, often you could just have a Biotic instead and score out.

The last 2 influence

The last slot of the deck is always up for debate. Options I tried out so far:

  • Shipment from Mirrormorph: Helps scoring a Global Food Initiative or an Atlas through Clot with a CVS. Also allows you to draw 2 cards in your turn and install multiple pieces of ICE or Illegal Army Factories on your last click. You know, tempo.

  • Archived Memories: Usually how the game plays out is that the runner puts a soft or hard lock on R&D so you can't draw Atlases, but hoping to draw your fast advance tools and fetch Atlases with Atlas tokens. Playing Archived Memories to get back something that fast advances is usually better than clicking for draw in that scenario. Also can get back something valuable after an Audacity or just something generally useful (like a current against Employee Strike, CVS against Khumalo, etc.).

  • Ark Lockdown: Originally intended to fight Clot against Clone Chip or Levy Shapers, it can catch Anarch bin breakers as well. The deck is blazing fast so if you can slow down the runner for a couple of turns with removing a breaker that can help immensely.

There are potentially other useful cards out there for this slot, but these were the ones I considered. If having to choose again I'd probably go with Ark Lockdown.


Huge thanks for Emil, Jakob and Asger from the testing group, I think you are the ones that helped most with refining the current list.

Thanks for Johno and the whole organizer/judge crew for making Euros happen. Yes, there were hiccups but everything worked out fine in the end.

Thank you for Eady for giving me a duck to remind me to score Atlases.

Thank you for Jakuza who designed an awesome Titan alt-art that further motivated me to pick Titan as my deck for Euros.

Special thanks to the Swedish/Danish/Dutch crew who are great drinking company and even better Skulls players.

Last but not least in general thank you for each and every player who came to Euros. The whole community is amazing, friendly and joyful, even after 15 hours of playing Netrunner in the coldest event hall I've ever been to. Cheers to you and see you next year in Poland!


Seriously amazing anime that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of trying to score out 3 Atlases before your opponent finds an SMC. Go watch it.

5 Jun 2018 JakeHelms

You're most welcome : - ). See you soon!

5 Jun 2018 Saintis

Great performance! Congratulations on being top Titan!

That Excalibur include is very clever! I wish I had realised that.

Have you tried running Watchtower? I found it to have more of a punishing face-check than Enigma (and you don't have to reveal what card you fetch). Works even better with Excalibur so they can't force fresh R&D accesses.

5 Jun 2018 percomis

@Saintisone of the Hungarians told me about Watchtower and I like the concept, however:

  1. It's easy to break with Orchestra.
  2. It forces a shuffle so if put on R&D can give the runner a new access every run.
  3. Doesn't end the run (so in that regard it's weaker than Enigma).

Testing could prove me wrong, but that's how I see it at the moment.

5 Jun 2018 Sixtyten

I LOVE the cheeky errand boys. I used to have those in my supermodernism decks and they were always fun. Very different to my spiky titan and probably why it did much better over the weekend.

6 Jun 2018 AmpersandDrew

Why New Construction? I haven't seen it in play but my first thought is that you don't have many assets or upgrades to install in new servers and you don't want to slow down to ice up your newly created servers anyway.

6 Jun 2018 Klopstock

@AmpersandDrew The New Construction is there because it combos well with Reconstruction Contract. Click 1, install New Construction. Click 2, advance New Construction, using its ability to install Reconstruction Contract. Click 3, Dedication Ceremony the Reconstruction Contract and then use it to score the New Construction. Sure, it's a little clunky, but it's the best Agenda you've got if you don't want to include a Merger in your deck - which comes with its own problems (making it much easier for the Runner to win if they steal it and also breaking your nice influence spread).

13 Jul 2018 Dreadreaper

@percomis Any updates from r and r? I'm thinking the bad pub econ card?