6th @ CBI - Was this right? . . Pretty sure πŸ™ƒπŸ˜‚

maninthemoon 1991

This deck carried me through CBI and only dropped one very ill-fated game across both days. This is pretty recognizable as Janktivist's Boomer Mulch. I just took out the two weakest cards and added a 3rd labor rights. I can't believe a 43 card 14 influence deck with no killer is correct, but it's been almost a month now and I would still submit this same list if I was playing in CBI tomorrow.

I will say I'm pretty outnumbered in Bost and if you want to play Pinhole Threading as the 44th by all means do, just remember:

Pinhole hot take

Well see what new cards bring to the table, but unless things change substantially I think this deck will remain externally powerful. I'm pretty convinced mulch and specifically boomer Loup is the strongest deck in the meta by a substantial margin. Play it, test against it. Let me know if you figure out how to beat it with a corp >60% of the time πŸ˜„

Also if you figure out what to do with the last influence please let me know. I tried Gbahali since Rush Ob can give this deck a little trouble and another Gachapon trick could be nice 🀷 IDK maybe it is Pinhole Threading πŸ˜…

My corp was bad, I'll post it if I have time 😝

Thanks everyone on my team (Muntal Bost) who helped me prep! Thanks to NSG for running a great event; Radiant for TOing πŸ₯³ ❀️ and everyone who showed up and played to make for such a fun day of netrunner!!

PS: If you played in the New Years Showdown I'm just finishing up mailing the USA prizes and I'll me moving onto the international prizes next. Thanks everyone who played and thanks for your patience, I've had a busy month❀️

. . . oh and incase it's not obvious I'm posting the Whiteblade quote as a joke. That hot take has not aged well my friend. Though I didn't even "spend my influence somewhere else" πŸ€”
12 Feb 2024 BizTheDad

Buffer Drive seems like a pretty important card in your deck. Perhaps add another one?

13 Feb 2024 maninthemoon

@BizTheDad I tested a second buffer drive and decided against it. It’s not nearly as central to the game plan as it seems. Buffer Drive is very important for games that could go long or do repeated damage, but most matches are won without using the buffer drive.

22 Feb 2024 Dracon_ian

DJ Fenris? Surely?