Imp Stealth Smoke

Claytron 66

This is my latest iteration on destruction shaper. Imp is still good. Film Critic is good. The rest is mainly there to get those into place and fuel the imp. Diesel, Deuces Wild, and Spec Work are all there for fast draw to keep up with corps.

I really quite like the stealth econ and tempo that Trickster Taka gives you - it keeps you running, and ensures you have enough stealth to break things. Since you're on stealth, it's likely you'll be broke, but thankfullyk Kati Jones is always there to get you back into the money.

Ran this at the Wegrunner 2019 Regionals. Had fun, did decently. Corp here.

  • Loss v. Blue sun. Didn't contest superserver, and didn't run centrals enough.
  • Win v. IG. Continuously contested assets with Imp, while snagging Agendas from HQ.
  • Win v. Sportsmetal. Lucky grabs from HQ. Should have removed Ash earlier, didn't see imp the whole game (don't get stuck in a rut, and don't wait for cards).
  • Loss v. Palana. He went rush, I went rush. Came down to cards in hand. I miscalculated and went for money over cards, one card short to steal. You can watch it here
  • Win v. AoT. Grabbed a bunch of agendas off the top of R&D, had to trash some stuff. Got more agendas.