Fear the Inside Job (18th America 2021 -3 wins- 2.5 losses)

ArminFirecracker 961


This is a slightly modified version of Cpt_nice's Deck. Thanks for publishing it! I just replaced the economy with clickless draw and credits.


3 wins, 2 losses and one technical loss. I got disconnected midgame with a ghost ArminFirecracker in the game, preventing me from rejoining. Which was pretty sad.


The combination of Inside Job, Swift and Wanton Destruction is really good. But as he stated, the Fear the Masses could be replaced by other cards. I only had 2 hours to test the deck before the tournament. So manly I trusted in Cpt_Nices's deckbuilding.

In this meta, I couldn't figure out a good runner on my own. I never want to play 419 and so many are on MaxX. I was glad to find this decklist.

29 Aug 2021 Cpt_nice

@ArminFirecracker Nice!