Vegan BTL sandwich (1st place, Startup tournament Zürich)

lostgeek 3375

Vegan Sandwich

Light the Fire! has had a huge impact on the Startup format, making previous decks using Skunkvoid strategies next to impossible. So this deck tries to go another direction to score out points in fast advancing.

Given 3 copies of Azef Protocol as a new toy in the Midnight Sun Booster Pack, a strategy based on Trick of Light as a cheap fast advance tool, this deck uses 7 3/2 agendas to get to 7 points blazingly fast.

Early on you can use a remote with small gear-check ice to score your first points out of. If possible, go for an over-advanced Atlas, that will very certainly be useful in closing out the game. Your economy is relatively light and you'll be giving up accesses later on in the game, but your ID and Hostile Takeover will give you enough to get over the finish line.

One thing to keep in mind: Do not install Cayambe Grid on the remote. While it might help you in the short-term, it will just get destroyed by a Light the Fire! sooner or later and it can create much more value on a central server instead.

This strategy might get more difficult, if control-oriented decks using Clot should see more play, but for this specific tournament this list felt very solid with a 3-0 record.

28 Mar 2022 Rahrhino

Waiter! There's MEAT in my sandwich!!!

Haha, cool deck though and congrats on the win!

28 Mar 2022 mrteatime66

GG! Congratulations and thanks for the games :)

28 Mar 2022 Jinsei

Looks really good. Thoughts on Vladisibirsk in this kind of deck?

29 Mar 2022 percomis

Excellent deck, but I wish a gif with a vegan BLT sandwich would exist to complement the write-up.

29 Mar 2022 lostgeek

@DonLoverGate I think it's just too much of an investment that gets killed by Light the Fire!. This deck specifically wants to dodge that card so placing your advancements on ice instead and using Trick of Light feels better.