Undefeated on jinteki.net

MasN 97

"In just a matter of time, this Professor will be destroying 1 person SC around the globe" - DatRollingStone

This deck isn't very hard to play. Mulligan for Magnum Opus, Test Run, Self-modifying Code, or Professional Contacts. Then make money, and run remotes, R&D with Medium, and HQ with Nerve Agent. Your deck definitely has enough programs to get in, and Magnum Opus economy, so its usually a pretty easy win. Some people may ask if this deck has too many programs but:

Every program is in this deck for a reason. For example Force of Nature: On the surface, this looks like a worse version of Gordian Blade or ZU.13 Key Master. But when your opponent has a multi-subroutine code gate protected by a #Midway Station Grid, you'll be glad that you have Force of Nature that you can tutor for. You can make use of it better by adding Scavenge. If you need to get past your opponent's #Yagura, you can then Scavenge it into a Magnum Opus, saving you 1 credit over Gordian Blade. Finally, any good shaper player knows not to lose his decoder, and the extra cost of Force of Nature is well worth the #Power Shutdown protection in the specific match-up. With all those options, the only reason not to use Force of Nature is influence, which isn't a factor with The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge.

The only breaker that I'd replace is Aurora, and although I'd prefer GS Sherman M3, I just don't have the influence for a second copy, and when the first one gets #Chronos Project'd, it's just not worth the risk to not have an Aurora in your deck.

This deck just shows the power of versatility and I suspect this will be the new meta. And best of all, it's MWL legal.

DISCLAIMER: I've only played one game with this on jinteki.net

27 Feb 2016 Dr.Skill

Absolutely insane deck. After a few wins on jinteki.net I found that the Sahasrara is more than enough for economy. It literally synergizes with 114 cards in this deck, so the economy is unreal. Thats why I removed the 3 Opuses and put in 3 Blackmails to punish the Hostile Takeover and Profiteering scores more.

I am also currently thinking about adding 3 Monoliths since they also synergize with all the programs and this deck could use some memory. This needs some more testing though.

Definitely a top-tier deck.

27 Feb 2016 TheBytemaster

"although I'd prefer GS Sherman M3, I just don't have the influence for a second copy"



What do you think about running Maya or Toolbox instead? The extra memory just seems needed somehow.

27 Feb 2016 therealwarrior

Why don't you play any Levy AR Lab Access? Extra mulligan to find the right program at the right time. And can save your bacon if you're milled.

27 Feb 2016 podoboyz99

As with all Professor decks, its been done in Kate, and been done better.


27 Feb 2016 pang4

As someone who actually likes the Professor, and has had a lot of success with him, I find this kind of trolling just a little bit distasteful. It's like you're shitting on all the time and effort my friends and I have put into tuning him.

1 Mar 2016 DrakeSpirit

Part of me wants to run this in meatspace completely sleeved. Sit down at the table and just pull your deck out of a 200 count box and watch the reaction across the table as your opponent realizes that its just one deck, not two.

2 Mar 2016 mike.summers

The shameless self-promotion from @podoboyz99 wasn't better.

2 Mar 2016 zzzthemaskzzz

@pang4 i agree with you, professor can be seriously good, totally not deserved the crap people put on him.

2 Mar 2016 therealwarrior

Just enjoy the joke, guys. One can troll about a card and still appreciate it ;-) .

2 Mar 2016 Fricassee

I think I would add 3 Pre-paid Voice Pads, since you're immune to the MWL and you've got 12 events that cost credits.

2 Mar 2016 Spaceman_Spiff

Honestly the joke has very little to do with The Professor, and is much more a critique of the deck descriptions on NetrunnerDB

2 Mar 2016 yokhen

How are you able to add 3 Clone Chip though? Wouldn't your influence be like -2, which is not possible?

3 Mar 2016 DrakeSpirit

@yokhen The Professor is currently the only ID that has 1 influence to start and the MWL specifically states that an ID cannot be reduced below 1 influence

7 Jul 2016 Your_Engineer