Under Surveillance of the Heinlein Troll

Krams 939

This is me, jumping on the train of Heinlein Troll decks! (That's a thing!)
Any comments welcome :)

Concept: A remote server with Heinlein Grid, protected by Turing in front of a Troll can keep out a lot of runners. Especially when Surveillance Sweep is up. Add an Ash and it's very hard for the runner to really get a full access on the server.

Faction: I opted to play this out of HB instead of NBN mainly for Turing and bioroids. Ash, Adonis and recursion tools are really nice as well. Of course, importing Heinlein Grid into an NBN deck with Troll and Surveillance Sweep in faction would be easier otherwise.

ID: With a different agenda suite (no GFI) and a different ICE suite (no Tollbooth) this might work out of EtF. Then again, GFI does great work and Tollbooth really helps protecting the centrals.

Can't wait to replace Paper Wall with the spoiled Mumbad Cycle card Vanilla.