Hungry Hungry Haley

Gaminginglasgow 8

So a couple of months back I played in a team event in which I had to play shaper. After testing Turbo Theory I new I had to play something faster.

This lead to Hungry Hungry Haley. I'll gladly update this and answer any questions.

30 Mar 2016 PureFlight

Love this idea! Shaper has a lot of things that makes Apex cards happy.

No e3 Feedback Implants? Seems like there's a fair amount of ICE that could give you problems here. Assassin, Swordsman, Turing, and Komainu come to mind.

I think damage is a challenge here, as Apex has Heartbeat to soak up damage that gets around Endless Hunger. I could maybe even see something like Titanium Ribs or Feedback Filter finding its way in here if that proves to be a problem.

This also has a lot of events for a Haley deck. Hunting Grounds can install them face-down, sure, but I'd think you'd want more cheap hardware and resources to make the most of her ability. Maybe drop the Infiltrations and Sure Gambles for Bank Job, NetChips, or even Lemuria Codecracker. Just brainstorming, no idea if those would work.

This seems like it has some potential. Interested to hear about your successes!