Jumping Dogs

magikot 1976

A Professor deck that seeks to leverage Brahman. General game plan is to use Brahman to reset D4v1d and the Cerberus breakers, John Massanori to instantly draw it back (or SMC to pull it out), and Savoir-Faire to play more programs mid run. Your Medium fueled R&D assault is further augmented by Parasite recursion. Sports Hopper is either scorch protection or more card draw depending on your match ups. All this is backed up by the on demand econ power of MOpus and the continual bouncing to build up massive Tech Writers. 4 NetChips and an Astrolabe (or Maya) provide the memory to keep the full rig up and running.

3 May 2016 esutter479

Love the Savoir-faire! Long live the Prof!

3 May 2016 skydivingninja

If you know what's going to be at the top of your deck, what about Eureka? :)

3 May 2016 tzeentchling

What about Sahasrara to give you install credits? Multithreader to help pump the dog breakers?

3 May 2016 magikot

I'd love to add them. But I am really tight on memory as is. The 3 dogs, Medium, and david are 5 MU, Opus and Brahman go on netchips, which leaves me 2 chips open for everything else. Swapping out the 3 tech writers for a single +2MU chip, going up to Maya instead of Astro would give enough free MU to include both Sahasrara and Multithreader.

3 May 2016 Ralphus1701

I love it, I elected to make a Deva Professor deck instead, but I really like the Synergy of the Doggies and Brahman. Let us know how well it goes!

3 May 2016 daytodave
3 May 2016 RTsa

Maybe use the 1 inf on Oracle May?

3 May 2016 juliandark

I like the Sports hopper, how often do you really need it thou? And second question, considering how many programs you will be installing and you dont want Sahashara, what about Scheherazade? No MU needed there, it doesn't combine well with netchips, but imo you don't have more than 2 installed that often anyway. And third question, have you considered Chatterjee University? If you keep installing 3+ credit programs, then it's 50% better than clicking MOpus (except you can't use it with savoir faire) after some initial setup.

4 May 2016 moistloaf

besides Lady the dogs aren't that efficient, why not LLDS in here?

4 May 2016 EnderA

IMO Cerberus "Rex" H2 is just inferior to ZU.13 Key Master or even Cyber-Cypher since you can bounce it with Brahman. I'd up NetChip to 6, so you can basically guarantee 2x early plus extra memory for program spam. Then Sahasrara becomes valuable, even just having 1 out feeds your recurring installations.

I don't think Technical Writer is fast and reliable enough economy, nor that you want to be playing Quality Time. I'd also consider adding Test Run for redundancy.

4 May 2016 Pinkwarrior

@juliandark It looks to me that his Sports Hopper is the slot that would normally be Plascrete Carapace so I would say he use's it all the time. Against kill decks it protects you against other decks its 3 card draw & on rare occasions it'll be extra link. Thats how I've been looking at it for my decks anyway and it looks like the same reasoning here.

4 May 2016 juliandark

Yeah I get that, as meat protection it's decent even when you don't use the link, but I see the possible interaction in this deck as:

  • break ice with david/dog counters
  • break ice with brahman, returning the spent breaker
  • draw with sports hopper, install the breaker with Savoir and use it again, all in the same run

And I was wondering if this situation happened often or not.

4 May 2016 magikot

@moistloaf and @daytodave - I've never been a fan of LLDS outside of Chamhayleyon decks, so I didn't think of including it.

@EnderA and @tzeentchling - After a few more games, Sahasrara is definitely a good call. I'll probably drop an Opus and a Paracia to go up to 5 chips and a Sahasrara.

@juliandark - That situation hasn't happened yet, but it is possible. My general theory with new decks that I make is to test out the new cards first before going with the staples like Plascrete Carapace. I've loved the hopper in my Geist deck so I'm interested in trying it in other decks too.

@RTsa - Because of the John Massanori I won't always know what the top card of my deck is going to be. And with only a single copy of Oracle May available to Professor and no way to tutor for her I don't think she'd be a good fit. I had considered her originally though.

4 May 2016 Pinkwarrior

@magikot It would be possible to tutor Oracle May but not without getting at least 5 more deck slots and losing Employee Strike which i personally feel is a better use of the influence.

Do you get much mileage out of Levy AR Lab Access? I find it's usually just a crutch to help you feel better in most decks even ones with alot of draw. I find the games over before I actually run out of cards or go on to still win without the deck on the few occasions I do run out.

5 May 2016 magikot

@Pinkwarrior In most decks that I've had levy in I have gotten good mileage out of the card. Not so much here yet, but I want to take the deck to 20 games before I change anything. The ability to parasite 6 ice as well as doubling the employee strike is mainly why I've included it.

5 May 2016 payprplayn

The title of this deck makes me want to make a brahman-chameleon deck just to name it "leaping lizards".

5 May 2016 payprplayn

Though upon further consideration, any chameleon-based deck could be called that, brahman or no.

5 May 2016 payprplayn

@RTsa the biggest problem with RTsa (or any other potential 1-inf include) is that it means you can't play any clone chips, and 3-of clone chips is better than 1-of just about anything.

5 May 2016 payprplayn

wait nvm, hmm... I guess I need to reread mwl rules. I thought they said inf limit couldn't drop below 0, but apparently it can't drop below 1. My bad.

5 May 2016 magikot

@payprplayn The title is intentional. I took the inspiration for it from the AGoT 2.0 "Leaping Lions" deck.

10 May 2016 EnderA

Oh, also, a Multithreader would be good since you have a ton of memory and discount on program installs. At the very least it will feed Savoir-faire.