Chaos Theory Stealth (untested)

0j3t3c4l0r 2

I've been playing A:NR like a month or so, the first runner deck that i've played is and I found out that was really fun but not my kind of game so I came with the idea of playing a stealth deck with Chaos Theory, and this is the result, so... if you can give me any advise It will be appreciated!

11 May 2016 TheBytemaster

Honestly, I'd just throw out BlacKat and Dyson Fractal Generator for Corroder, and then use one or two of the influence you save for Clone Chips, then add in some Employee Strike. Employee Strike is pretty much the best runner current right now, and it can shut down a lot of nasty corp strategies. Industrial Genomics really hates it.

Another option would be to swap all three of Code Siphon for one or two of Test Run as then you have another tutor that doubles as a way to pull any breakers that get trashed back. You don't have many programs that really benefit from the Code Siphon discount, and its easier to use if they ice R&D heavily.

Another Account Siphon might be good for consistency.

I like the 1x Kati Jones, I'm a fan of putting 1x in decks for long-term economy.

It might also be worth slotting another Silencer/Lockpick in to lessen the stress on your memory, you have 8 memory worth of programs you want to install and 6 possible memory.

Lucky Find is kind of a toss-up for me personally. It's a very deckslot-efficient econ event, but the influence could be useful elsewhere.

Lastly, swapping out Quality Time for Patron might be worth looking at with all the asset spam being played.

11 May 2016 pandaman64

If your gonna run levy and account siphon, I'd really suggest finding room for same old thing too.