TURBO 24/7 BUTCHERSHOP (Tanktop Haarp Butchershop 2.0)

kookoobah 1176

This is a straight up upgrade of the the Haarp Butchershop deck I brought to the PSI Games. It was undefeated in 4 rounds in a tournament here in Manila, everything legal up to Data and Destiny.

The key here is the agenda mix. Profiteering gives you tons of money to trash through WNP. The Future is Now gives you whatever you need that is missing from your combo, Midseasons or Scorched, or it can also tutor for your 1-of hate cards (Freelancer and Closed Accounts).

The most important change is that 24/7 is no longer a dead card after they decide to take all the tags, or if you can't find Breaking News. Profiteering and The Future is Now are both AWESOME cards to play 24/7 with.

I packed Freelancer over All Seeing I to crush Valencia since I also give away bad publicity because of Profiteering. Closed Accounts is there to help against all runners that take all the tags.

22 Nov 2015 moveslikejuaber

good stuff as usual =) congrats!

how did you fight VS DLR decks?

22 Nov 2015 kookoobah

DLR doesn't want to get tagged before they get setup so you can try to score early behind an ice or two. They typically don't run Clot so you can FA a bunch of agendas without much trouble.

Profiteering is an excellent counter to WNP. 24/7 on Profiteering gives you another 15 credits, and you can trash a lot of things. Freelancer is another weapon you have and you can tutor it out with TFIN.

You can race them on points, or if you can trash all their Parazzis (32 to 40 credits total) you can even kill them. Profiteering and 24/7 go a long way to giving you the credits you need.

22 Nov 2015 jawZ

Is Closed Accounts really that helpful? If they go Tag Me, they don't really need money to operate against Haarp. At least that's my experience. No code gate gearcheck anymore (Archangel, Enigma, etc.)?

I think the Profiteering list is really strong. I also tried some SanSans, but due to the Bad Pub it feels pointless sometimes. It's manageable, but maybe not worth it.

22 Nov 2015 kookoobah

Closed Accounts helps slow them down I guess. You're right, it's not for the runners that go tag-me. It's for those times that you sneak through a Breaking News and you can wipe out their credits, or you go 24/7 for 2 tags and you don't have the kill yet.

I really wanted to put an Enigma in. Archangel is a little less useful because of all the bad publicity, but I don't know what else to cut. I'm already running 2 Hedge Funds because of deckslots.

Yeah, Sansan isn't good with all the Profiteering. You have to sneak it out, and if you can do that, you might as well as sneak out the agenda itself.

23 Nov 2015 moistloaf

Wow this looks devilishly fun. I've been looking to play a Haarp Butcher list so I think I'll try this. My one question: with 2 midseasons instead of 3 I would be worried the runner could get to 3 or more points before I could land tags, thus potentially giving them enough time to steal enough more points to win before the kill, even through the Haarp restriction. I assume this hasn't been the case. I really like the 24/7 Profiteering play

23 Nov 2015 kookoobah

@moistloaf I don't cast Midseason Replacements every game, usually 24/7 Breaking News is enough. News Team does a LOT of work early game. The deck only runs FOUR 2-pointers, so that also helps.

23 Nov 2015 Jackson Howard

I love this deck. Played over and over again this Sunday against my fiancée who was running Apocalypse Now/Fury Road Maxx. We had tons of fun. Every game was new and exciting. Both decks never run out of options. Thanks for posting. I kind of want 3 midseasons so I can tagstorm turn two if I have several kill pieces in hand. Also, I completely forgot about 24/7 Profiteering(!!) Fun edge case involving my namesake: Got to 6 points each and 20+ tags and installed a card in a naked remote with at least one Quantum Predictive Model in archives. Would she run archives? If the facedown card is Jackson Howard, the Corp wins by Three Card Monty. How about running the face down card? If it's Quantum Predictive Model, the Corp wins in that case. So what happened? Spoilers: She ended up siphoning and then keyholing until she trashed the last JHow and ran archives for the win. Great game.

24 Nov 2015 Abstract

@kookoobah I remember well your Haarp deck from the PSI games, I'll have to try this one out!

5 Dec 2015 SyntaxLost

How do you cope with MinhMaxX? It's a lot faster than DLR Val, plays IHW and has more recursion thanks to Levy. Trying to clear out Paparazzis, even with a scored Profiteering and Freelancer, seems pretty futile. That leaves hoping for an early Astro and chaining into a second with 2x 2/1 and a Cat as the best odds of winning from my attempts. But an early Astro is pretty hard to pull off if your opponent goes all out Siphon Spam from the get go.

17 Dec 2015 Corporations Rule

I love you, deck. I. Love. You.

I've only lost one out of eight games in tourney and league, and probably wouldn't have lost that one if I had realized the simple fact the you can 24/7 breaking news to trash film critic.

Obvious, I know.

But whatever. I love you! :x