Executives go to space

DarthIA 87

I have been toying around with Gagarin since I got that cool plastic ID card. Back then, asset spam decks were not so prevalent. Now, it's a brave new world!

This is my current take on Gagarin asset-spam. We all agree that Alliance cards are quite OP, so why not including (almost) all of them in a single deck? The main engine is of course Mumbad City Hall, which coupled with Jeeves Model Bioroids is totally nuts. Just try to look for temples and museums first, so that the runner feels overwhelmed and in a urge to trash your assets, and then add the robobutler to the mix. ICE is just to protect centrals and MCH if necessary. Note that I am paying influence for Heritage Committee. It is a must-have, but I prefer to get an influence-free Jeeves. There are a couple of cards that may be a bit win-more, such as Thomas Haas or PAD Factory, but I couldn't help myself adding executives and alliances :-)

Regarding agendas, I have included a couple of The Cleaners for those occasions when you need an extra punch to Scorched Earth. The public agendas are there to allow fast advance via Mumbad Construction Co., but the main plan is to burn'em all.

In a previous version I had 2xPaywall Implementation since they are good to get rid of Employee Strikes that are everywhere in my local meta, but cut them in favor of alliance-spam.

Cannot wait for adding a Consulting Visit here. Man, this is getting out of hands!