Argus Loves a Deep Dig GNK Win Comic Cellar Mphs, TN 4/4/16

DarkMite2 329

This deck looks deceptively easy for a Runner to beat, but with a little practice it is extremely effective at killing most Runners.

This deck can and does win on points, but it takes practice & a poker face. You are usually going for kills. This deck wins 90% of the time – 9 out of 10 matches and was undefeated at this GNK Tournament.

Runners love scoring agendas, so why not let them… for a price.

My ICE is a bluff. It’s just to slow down / ETR on the first couple of turns. After that you shouldn’t need it. The only ICE you care about is Data Raven and, possibly, Archer.

For the first couple of turns, it’s up to you. Ice centrals if you can and install a naked Agenda or naked Snare! in remotes. I leave R&D as open as possible and this is where most Runners rush in. (Fools!)

Most turns of the match you are either gaining s to find a SEA Source / Scorched Earth window and/or installing naked remotes.

FAQS about this deck –

How much Bad Pub do I mind taking? Generally, just two. More than that makes Dedicated Response Team a free trash. The exception to this is if I have the SEA Source / Double Scorched Earth combo in hand and want to load up on Profiteering s. I did have a match in this event with 6 bad Pub. I had scored all 3 Hostile Takeovers and a late Profiteering to seal a kill.

What do I tutor for with The Future is Now? It is almost always SEA Source.

Corporate Town? Yep. It’s a rarely played silver bullet, but can be a game winner. Placed behind an Archer, but other ICE if you can get away with it. Otherwise, it's another naked bluff that most Runners will spend 5 to trash.

Shattered Remains is in deck to bluff 4/2 agendas and blow up Plascrete. I rarely use it, but it keeps Runners honest after they trash the first one and does allow a window for a rarely scored Geothermal Fracking.

Snare! NEEDS to be in R&D!! If you have them in hand, especially multiples, play them! If they don’t get accessed overwrite them and let Jackson Howard put them back in.

Best places for Data Raven? One is for a remote in order to place Dedicated Server behind and the other is for either R&D or double up on a Dedicated Response Team or have two Data Raven Dedicated Response Team remotes. Setting up the, “You are always taking 2 damage or 5 damage when you hit Snare!” issue and forcing a run on these so you can possibly SEA Source / Scorched Earth

You want the agendas stolen – especially multiples in one turn. Nothing excites Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed more than a Medium or R&D Interface. I almost auto-win every time there recurring multi-access on R&D.


Most runners get so worried about losing their “combo pieces” or programs that they will spend too much time building a rig or network of resources while you Advance Advance Advance Score naked Agendas in remotes.

It’s fun to just sit a watch your opponent scratch their head about where to Run or how they just lost when they had 5 – 6 points scored.

The key for this deck is practice and knowing how most opponents play each different ID / faction. You, generally, are not playing against the cards installed by Runners. You are forcing the Runners to make decisions that will have negative results - even scoring points.