What's a bit of AP between friends

Loki37 44

This deck was inspired by an episode of Run Last Click, and their comments about ICE subtypes and eadipus’s deck build around Code Gates

Everyone plays traps in PE, Snare! and Urtica Cipher are everywhere but what if ICE subtype mattered? I was leafing through card and I stumbled across a card that means subtype matters (well AP Subtype, I am not even sure what that stands for…is it Analysis Paralysis? Because that is what I am hoping to create in this decks opponents… :-) ) So the key card for this deck and the focus of every deck-building choice is Synth DNA Modification (a card which does not seem to have got much use…Early Testing revealed why…). There are 16 unique AP type ICE in faction, easily predictable ICE is a problem, so the ‘solution’ is 1 x each of these pieces of ICE to create a suite that causes confusion, AP if you will. However this deck falls apart (see Early Testing^^) as soon as Synth DNA gets trashed. This card is central to the deck idea so to make trashing taxing 3x Hostile Architecture were added. This need economy to support it. None of the usual Hedge Fund, Celebrity Gift, or Hansei Reviewi seems to have much synergy with the core conceit of the deck so became a taxing to trash asset based economy especially when Hostile is still around.

Basic plan, Mulligan for Hostile Architecture. Put Hostile Architecture behind ICE. Put Econ assets and Synth DNA Modification out naked.

12 May 2023 Jinsei

AP is Anti-Personnel :)

I'd be curious about API Keeper Isobel and Prana Condenser as part of the asset econ package. But I suppose in the end neither might really get there...

12 May 2023 Loki37

hey @Jinseithank you for letting me know that about AP.

This deck really does also bring Analysis Paralysis! Especially to players who are really experienced playing against PE as it appears to presents a subtly different problem. So far wins have been a mix of scoring out and flatlines (mostly of runners who have deck themselves out).

[among my Meta my decks are often notoriously janky and perform very poorly when faced by experienced players...this one is performing surprisingly well!]

16 May 2023 rotage

I might include 9 different Killers on Saturday to spite you :)

Looks a fun deck, looking forward to seeing it in action

16 May 2023 Loki37

Thanks @rotage it is actually a fun deck.

(I only have 8 different Sentries, so I will concede immediately on the installation of your 9th Killer) 😊