The Greatest Hobo in Cyberspace (Imp Shrike Exile)

Clawshrimpy 32

This is my IRL meatspace Exile deck I took to my first LGS tourney. I placed 3rd place along with the corp deck ( I played at my tourney. I basically did really well versus Jinteki and HB, not so well against NBN, especially NAS and NEH. thankfully this tourney didn't have that many people playing the yellow faction, so... Worked out pretty well... I know if I owned certain other cards I would of did better but oh well.

-I only have one core set.

-DOn't have all the data packs (this is why I don't have Astrolabe and Test Run)

With that out of the way, I decided to come up with somethign I could play at my LGS with my limited collection.

the "MVPs" of this deck, if you could call them that, are Imp GS Shrike M2 and Multithreader. Let me explain.

Imp does a LOT of work in Exile. Exile tends to be quite poor, and thus doesn't have the ability to trash everything like.... other certain runners. coughWHIZZARDcough Imp helps out with this, and since you're Exile, you can recur these with ease, which can really put the corp on the spot.

Multithreader is mostly how I can try to get away with using garbage-tier (heh, see what I did there?) breakers like Inti and not be complete screwed because I down own Cerberus "Lady" H1 or don't have the influence spare for Corroder It also helps a lot with my killer of choice.

GS Shrike M2 is my killer of choice. Yeah, it's expensive and ineffcient compared to the likes of Mimic and it doesn't have Femme Fatale ability... but it's cheaper than Femme and not as limited as Mimic. Multithreader along with.... my console if I can play it, goes a long way to helping Shrike out.

As for my console, yes, you're reading that right. I'm actually running The Toolbox. this USED to be Grimoire to combo with my imps but influence got tight. I run a Akamatsu Mem Chip just to get some MU because this beast is very expensive to play, but, IF I do manage to play it, it combo very well with multithreader, and does a lot to help me use the breakers that I have, This is the reason I try to run "cheap to install, not so cheap to break with" breakers. and yes, I know Astrolabe is the only good Shaper console but I don't have it so I have to play the terrible one, but, I tried to come up with a way to make it..... tolerable...

the single Retrieval Run is because I don't have Test Run. but yeah. I dunno, maybe the Clone Chip and Scavenge is enough and I could cut it to get Grimoire back in here, and rid myself of that really bad console,but I'm not sure.