Euros Like It's 2018 [Top half Euros/African]

Algebraic 885

So far 2020 has been "quite the year", amongst many things, the European Championships now including the African version. In an attempt to go back to simpler times, I decided to play an ID that I played at Euros 2018.

The thinking back then is very similar to the thinking now, beating Titan. With a build in HQ Interface and lots of bypass tools I felt I would have a good chance. Like 2018, it lost the only Titan match up it played.

There is nothing too unusual here (I didn't go too crazy and play an Always Be Running Adam list again) with Boomerang for early pressure to help Adam get that much needed hand boost. "Tech" slots were spent on DreamNet which I've not really seen in other Adam list, but gives extra value to the Archives run to see the top on R&D with Find the Truth. Citadel Sanctuary seems a much for most runners as Punitive Counterstrike can be a huge issue as you try get up to a massive hand size, plus the tag removal is a nice bonus.

Overall, the deck went 3-4 beating The Outfit, Asa and Palana, losing to the afore-mentioned Titan, Saraswati and two Argus. Every game had their interesting moments but it would be too much to go through everything, although I will say Argus was an unexpected pain. Congratulations to the 4 other Adam players, who showed this mini-faction is a viable option in the top competitive events and provided a nice group to chat about our running adventures during the day.