Napping with Andy

deliveryman 20

I'll power nap for 16. That is not uncommon to say, you can get as high as 22 credits from one nap. 5-1 in two gnks tournaments, better now astro is gone. Draw like mad discarding all that is not needed. Over drawing is key. Trope is great, once your deck is empty, pop it and grab naps and whatever you think you will need. Then sit back and be in control. Would like ideas on how to make it better, or more refined. Thanks.

27 Jul 2016 mattchainsaw

Traded a single Quality time for Rebirth. Kickass deck. Surprised at how well and natural it was to play.

27 Jul 2016 donmakaron

With 35 events, just 8 non-event cards and Hostage this deck begs for Oracle May. Why Trope over Levy AR Lab Access? Is that to keep usless doubles (Hostage with no connections, Planned Assault for only 1 Legwork and 3x Running Interference (sic!) or Executive Wiretaps just as it is) in heap?

It could sure be streamlined a bit more!

27 Jul 2016 deliveryman

@mattchainsaw thanks. That was something I had been thinking about doing. What is did you go for? @donmakaronyes exactly. You want to keep all the "junk" in the trash. When you Trope, every draw becomes exactly what you needed.