Planet Express

Pinkwarrior 2278

Streamlined The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge build for the current meta. Magnum Opus & High link makes most NBN decks cry (CtM mostly) plus Artist Colony to stop the breaking news switch-a-rue as well as adding to your search capability's. Very few actual Resources means that even if you end up tagged its not a massive problem.

Study Guide is great with The Toolbox but ZU.13 Key Master is their if you just need a breaker fast it's also important that it's MU free as MU is hard untill you get the toolbox down but ZU.13 Key Master been free means you can get a full rig together.

I've had alot of fun with the deck and i plan to keep playing it for sometime as long as the meta holds especially with all the new breakers that seem to be in the pipeline.

9 Sep 2016 LeonardQuirm

19 influence (including MWL) feels like barely enough to warrant the Professor, especially since I'd have thought Paperclip is enough to mean Lady is unnecessary. Faerie is great but is it good enough to mean an actual ID ability isn't preferable?

On the flip side, if you are playing the Professor, I feel sure there are more great programs worth importing. I'm not convinced by the Study Gude - Toolbox combo (you have to install both, and even then you're only using the Toolbox credits to boost the Guide if you're not running, since otherwise you're just using real credits to break that otherwise could be the Toolbox credits) and it's going to be really slow to get to the point Study Guide is useful. I'd look at swapping the Toolbox for Astrolabe and replace the Study Guide/Zu with Gordian, then using a spare card slot for a Faust or Parasite or Datasucker. Or Sneakdoor. Or....

And of course there's the question of more breakers in the pipeline from other factions that may be good adds, as you say :)

9 Sep 2016 Pinkwarrior

@LeonardQuirm In a way no Cerberus "Lady" H1 isn't necessary really but it's a good breaker and having 2 of each breaker means that my setup time is faster. Am not convince Astrolabe would work here The Toolbox gives me alot, the MU is huge but so is the link in the current meta been sat with 5 link and a Magnum Opus across from CtM is amazing.

I've found Study Guide can do some real work for me and when it's not doing i have ZU.13 Key Master. Your right theirs alot of really nice programs out their that i could run but doing so puts more stain on MU & deck slots i could possibly drop one for Sacrificial Construct other than that i don't see space without hindering me somewhere else.

Also Faerie wouldn't be a trade for an ID ability id have to lose 1 more influence. You could be right that 4 influence doesn't warrant the lose of an ID ability but the deck dose work well and if it means i get to play the professor so be it hopefully the new breakers in the pipeline will seal the deal when they come out.

10 Sep 2016 Wolfknight

How crucial is it to have Employee Strike? How'd it fare with Rebirth? And to whom would you change?

10 Sep 2016 Pinkwarrior

@Wolfknight I wouldn't say it's crucial but it's one of tho's cards that if you can fit it in you probably should cos it's that good. I were running Political Operative for Caprice Nisei at one point but Rumor Mill has made it so i don't need to any more.

I don't see Rebirth been that good in The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge my self seems you be taking his down side with you but if i had it and used it id probably go for Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman I can't see the other ID's making much of an impact tbh and i think Kit would be limited as she's better in the early game really. Maybe Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker if theirs still some set-up to be done.