X3r0H0uR's Tembo Kate

x3r0h0ur 8626

This is a deck that evolved from TheBigBoy's Dumbo Kate. I've been playing this and running over faces for a few weeks, and would be in contention for decks I'd take to worlds if I were going this year.

The key is that temujin gives you about as much money as you make off a desperado for most of the game, only it comes in upfront. This lets you push Atmans down quickly, and stay ahead of HHN. This lets you be aggressive early, and unstoppable later.

The draw power is nuts, and having access to parasite is great for atman decks. Lots of RnD threat with RDI, eventually you win on lock. 1x FTE could be needed.

5 OOtA because on the second pass through the deck on levy, you draw nothing but money because you've thinned your deck with 2 atman, 1 sucker, 1 labe, 2-3 RDI, and OOtA. Yes there is no SoT, you could swap one in, but I don't find myself losing it much, at least not often enough to add SoT for a net positive change.

The Street Peddlers are there for dumping OotA that land on them, while mid-run installing Temujin (forcing the corp to guess if you're running for just a sucker and draw, or also temu). Peddler also accelerates the draw of the deck, and can sometimes land you an RDI on the corps turn for 2, while preserving Kate's ability for your turn. Peddler really is surprisingly good here for lots of reasons. You don't really see them until you play though...a lot of it has to do with how it gets things out of your deck and accessible via CC though.

The rest of the choices are in the deck for the same reason they were in the original deck, adjust to flavor. You could take out an SMC for basically any other card, but I don't think it's optimal and it's not fast enough. You can take out 1 OotA for 1 SoT, or another kati or whatever. Kati though is just a long term econ option, and to help keep up with HHN decks. 1 screte might not be enough for boom meta, but with a good RnD lock and keeping cash up, as well as Film Critic to slow/stop Midseasons, you should be fine. You could feasibly add another screte, or maybe if citadel turns out to not suck, that.

10 Oct 2016 k.art

I don't like the Levy AR Lab Access - Street Peddler combo without recursion. You have to wait until you draw Levy before playing your Peddlers - or if you see it early, it's blocking your hand. (Risking it, doesn't count as option!) Thoughts?

10 Oct 2016 x3r0h0ur

levy is barely needed. in the mu you need it, dont peddle. theyre long games anyway, so youll have time to draw. levy is added to gain an appreciable amount of wins, but will see play infrequently. play around losing it, its easy.

10 Oct 2016 CodeMarvelous

seems really good. I like it.

10 Oct 2016 SneakdoorMelb

This is awesome. Gonna give it a shot.

10 Oct 2016 ixwt

Is parasite your response to Swordsman?

10 Oct 2016 ClubbingSealCub

No Mimic? I guess Parasite deals with Swordsman just fine.

10 Oct 2016 x3r0h0ur

Parasite. If you must, you can put in chameleon.

For those afraid of losing levy, take it out for indexing, fte, or trade 2 peddlers for 1 clot and 1 sac con. These were all tested, but my personal preference was on peddlers. The -1 cost on temu, dropped before your first click, to be fully collected with just 1 OotA in the bin, is amazing!

10 Oct 2016 otterstrike

I'm such a fan of this deck, not sure how I haven't seen an OotA deck before! I'm still quite new to Netrunner, do you have any more tips on piloting? I'm particularly curious about how soon to pull the trigger on Levy. In the games I've played I haven't ever gotten around to it. Do you typically save it until you've burned through your whole deck, or is it more to recur economy cards? I'm also considering Daily Casts instead of a patron and maybe alsoKati Jones, as I've always had way more cards then money, and it works with Peddler. Thoughts?

10 Oct 2016 x3r0h0ur

You should never feel like you have to levy. be sure you cant just lean on kati for the rest of the game, since you shouls only levy for 2 reasons. 1.) more parasites, 2.) temujin money.

The levy is just a total failsafe, not a goal. See if you can be more aggressive on rnd and hq and try to win before you need lots of money.

casts used to be in the deck, but putting it in over patron is not a 1:1 change. youre trading draw and work compression for structly money. you can add casts if you want, but it has to be in an econ slot like...dirty laundry or something. I usually find temujin to be more tham enough money if you run hard enough.

24 Oct 2016 FightingWalloon

Without Scavenge I have a hard time running Atman as my main breaker. I end up getting caught with a piece of ice in a key place that I just can't break. Can you share some tips about running them well?

24 Oct 2016 x3r0h0ur

You want to be farming suckers and utilizing parasite to get the ice to the right strength. By the time the corp puts up enough ice at enough varied strengths to lock you out, you should be able to lean on a 'real' breaker to get in for that coveted 1 sucker you should need. Your atman should be at say 2 and 4, so with 1 sucker you have 2, 3, 4, and 5 covered. With parasite 6 is covered with that 1 sucker. Very few corps' ice range wildly enough to lock you out.

Watch Justin Kopinsky at US nationals 2013 (iirc) for how to play this. Except this version can destroy ice with parasite, which is stronger.

24 Oct 2016 FightingWalloon

Thanks for the reply. I will check out those videos. One last question (for now): Why 3 x Patron? Do you commonly play all three or just want it early?

24 Oct 2016 x3r0h0ur

To see it early. sometimes, depending on the opponet, sometimes I will install 2.

Usually 3x is find early, crucial to your strategy, or very good. 2x is important but can live without it early or only 1 can be used and its not crucial (think Beth). and 1x is for silver bullets, uniques that help in most matchups but isnt crucial.

24 Oct 2016 FightingWalloon

Chronos Project would hurt against this deck.

24 Oct 2016 k.art

@FightingWalloon I've tried 2 Patron and didn't find it enough. You want your draw engine set up as quickly as possible. It is worth even if you draw two dead cards later.

I had problems especially against RP, where centrals are heavily iced. Got to a point where I had all 3 atmans on the board and a purge locked me out as I was relying on Datasucker to get back in.

Apart from that, I really like the deck (even without recursion for the Levy ) :-)