Temüjin Katman

b3ar 133

I reached first place at our local GNK with this deck and SYNC.

I've been playing x3r0h0ur's Tempo Kate for a while and really liked it. In testing I came to some of the same realizations as CritHitd20 did in his worlds list.

What I liked about CritHitd20s worlds list is the addition of Hyperdriver. I unfortunately did not think of them before. They are awesome.

Compared to CritHitd20 list I changed an R&D Interface for a second Plascrete Carapace because I was afraid of BOOM!. And I added the third Self-modifying Code since I wanted that early Clot/Datasucker/Parasite. I have never played with Artist Colony before, so I kept it to try it out. In the future I will cut the second Plascrete Carapace to go to 45 cards.