GuessWrongFA v0.2

kyrubas 2

The strategy is simple here: Mushin out either the Overwriter or Mandatory Upgrades. Add another advancement to it to raise the stakes, or sometimes add ice in front to throw the runner off. The point is to keep them off kilter either way. If/when you score Mandatory Upgrades, it should be pretty easy to score other agendas from then on. If you land a hit with Overwriter, then Neural EMP + Archived Memories is there to help you finish the job.

I went with Sherlock 2.0 over Assassin as it has 3 subs and the same cost and +1 strength (though Sherlock is broken with , that will only take care of 2/3 subs).

An earlier rev that had Fenris won 3/3 games against Smoke last week in my local meta.

I need to find a way to get Cyberdex Virus Suite in here, maybe by getting rid of the single GCL. Suggestions welcome.