Toybox Sol

johno 585

Set up with some cheap ETRs and place some bonkers high strength ICE around. Get an Eliza's (maybe via Tech Startup) in your remote and start rezzing the big stuff. The first thing you rez with Eliza's should defend Eliza's itself (in case the runner realises just how must-trash that card is).

Once you're set up, start slow-rolling agendas through your remote. You CAN score alongside Eliza's if you use RecStudio, but honestly that's not a requirement.

Treat all your Beales as 5/3s (or higher) unless you've already scored a three-pointer. This means 6 of your 8 agendas are 3 points for you and 2 for the runner. Red Herrings is amazing when the server can't be run more than once in a turn (and when they access with no clicks remaining, which is often the case behind a Janus). It also stacks with Predictive Algorithm, which you should definitely have up late game.

Why Sol? Beale is perfect for this deck and News Hound is really legit rush ICE.

What would I change? RecStudio is left over from a previous iteration, and is totally cuttable. PriReq is a liability, but as a 5/3 it suits the deck. Maybe it goes for two 2-pointers. The cheap ICE could be toned down in favour of more big stuff, but be careful; you need to guarantee a few cheap pieces early.