Ay Cayambe - Brisbane, AUS - SC Winner

Dazm0 614

I was on Frantic Coding/Temüjin Contract Whizzard: Master Gamer for a long time leading up to store champs and decided to give Miffed Val a go the day before, as much as TemuWhizz felt good vs CtM, it could get rough if I went up against a Glacier deck.

This deck was the answer! Awesome against glacier matchups, deals with CtM the same way Hate Bear does with the exception it doesn't need to deal with the ice.

Only change was taking out Joshua B. for Frame Job. Decided that losing my Bad Pub by any means would severely hurt the deck, also depending on how the game was going sacking a GFI for a second BP wouldn't be entirely bad given that it's just EoI food anyways.

Obvious update now is MKUltra in place of Mimic.

Dropped 2 games with this deck, 1 vs Jinteki: PU due to some pretty bad play on my behalf & the other to HB: Architects/Jeeves/event deck where I couldn't find the Blackmail/En Passant combo and stupidly ditched Hades Shard instead of hard installing & popping it on a single iced R&D run to get the pieces I needed to get going.

28 Dec 2016 Shmeguy

Congrats :) how much use was frame job?

29 Dec 2016 Dazm0

@Shmeguy Thanks! None at all on the day! ;P