[mod] Coding The Chameleon

Trewaters 25

Modified this deck to remove Egret and add Diesel and Self Modifying code. I figure more card draw for Shaper is great! Self modifying code really pushes the rig's MU but I figure it could be great for quick development of my breaker suite. Time will tell!

31 Jul 2021 cadence

Hey, let me know how it goes for you!

12 Aug 2021 Trewaters

@cadence Thanks for the comment! I don't play online so it takes me a long time to play test.

I definitely did not like the Self-modifying Code . It isn't as useful as I hoped, but looks pretty. I am removing both copies, replacing with Pelangi to better leverage the Chameleon.

When I made the first version of this mod I didn't read the original deck creation notes so I didn't realize you had already suggested great mods. I am working around missing some of the original cards or I would have probably kept it the same.

Please keep sharing your hard work!