stealth andy - store champ 1st @ critical hit, cleveland, oh

bblum 4249

Nothing new to see here. Undefeated all day. Matchups against HBFA, RP, Argus supermodernism, RP grail (and again in elims), and Titan ToL (and again in elims).

22 Feb 2015 SSniper050

Grats on the win, do you live in the Ohio area? If you do, will be coming the Columbus tourney?

22 Feb 2015 bblum

I drove up from Pittsburgh. I got 3 more SCs a little closer to home, so probably won't be making the trip again. More wins for you tho :P

22 Feb 2015 SSniper050

Haha, that's true!

23 Feb 2015 Crunchums

Why Daily Casts over Dirty Laundry?

23 Feb 2015 bblum

Casts over laundry was the main experiment here. It gives 2 more credits in a vacuum (or 1 if you use laundry for a run you'd make anyway, or with desperado, or 0 if both) but the main reason is that it doesn't get awkward when the corp plays to make sec testing awkward. The downside is that you sometimes get pretty awkward turn 1s that would be fine with laundry.

The deck can run pretty poor on games where it can't find sec testing (happened in 1 of 7 games), sometimes losing entire turns clicking for draw/creds and casts felt great for staying afloat. I guess tl;dr, I went for consistency over power.

23 Feb 2015 mechmisfit

Solid decklist. Ripped me apart twice on the day (I ran the RP Fail... err... Grail). Seemed like casts was the better choice in our games. Clickless econ to help support your recurring steath credits worked well.

23 Feb 2015 DarlingSensei

I notice you did not encounter any NEH at your event. Any advice for someone who got run over by the astro train repeatedly? Blue Sun: Powering the Future is also popular in my meta. Is one Plascrete Carapace workable? I also wonder if the one Corroder ever became a liability. Finally, how was Earthrise Hotel as opposed to Express Delivery or Mr. Li?

24 Feb 2015 bblum

NEH is the worst matchup as this build is a turn or two slower than andysuckers. You gotta lean pretty hard on masanori and sec testing to get set up fast enough, and also you gotta hope that your opponent isn't savvy enough to realize that installing astro behind wraparound + enigma is usually safe. If they play on autopilot, always leaning on sansan/biotic to start the train, then you have a shot.

Blue sun supermodernism is a cake-walk. Sec testing out-moneys them easily. Kill every OAI to ever show up (jack out before the run is successful so they can't SEA you). Blue sun glacier is considerably tougher; sec testing won't last into late game, hence the 1 kati jones. Emergency shutdown is a reasonable option over inside job if you don't expect much NEH, but IJ is good in a pinch because (a) it passes curtain wall easily and (b) you only care about agendas with advancement tokens on them so it can't be baited out. I probably wouldn't run plascrete at all in the future; it's only necessary vs HBCI scorch.

One corroder is fine. One of my rounds against RP grail I wasn't able to run for a couple turns because I couldn't find any special order or corroder, and had refractor in my hand (couldn't let a galahad net damage it away or trash it if I installed it), but the inf is fixed in stone so 2nd corroder is out of the question. It's reasonable to play a breach though, another good tool vs curtain walls.

Earthrise is an all-star. No question. Delivery is not bad either but I always had to slow-roll it, clicking to draw a bunch beforehand, so I could know which 1-of I wanted to get with delivery; so in that sense delivery is still too click-intensive.

25 Feb 2015 DarlingSensei

I appreciate all the thoughtful feedback. I'll be testing it out soon and hopefully have some SC victories to report.

A few matchup specific questions I'm working on: -vs. NEH do you let them have the asset economy and hope to close it before they get too rich or do you trash it ASAP? -vs. RP Once they rez a Caprice in a problematic spot like HQ or the remote, do you try to murder it or seek easier paths to victory? -vs. Blue Sun at what point do you usually start playing around the SEA scorch threat? You obviously can't delay running successfully forever, but when do you slow down and respect the flatline? -vs. non-scorch decks how comfortable are you floating tags?

25 Feb 2015 bblum

The deck is a control deck at heart. Against NEH you gotta decide when you can take tempo hits to kill things. Always kill DBS and rezzed sansan; PAD and unrezzed sansan are situation dependent (and only kill them early game, of course).

RP, kill caprice whenever possible. Go out of your way to kill caprice on a remote several turns in advance of them actually IAing in it because the stealth restricts your runs.

Blue sun supermodernism you can just out money them with multiple sec testings. Blue sun glacier I don't float until the very last few turns; you need your resources with this deck.

2 Apr 2015 apo

How about Plascrete -> Crash Space swap? Or is it pushing it? Reasoning - if a Midseason deck will land its trick, they will kill you through a single Plascrete anyway eventually. CP is cheaper and helps in those rare cases when Johny M betrays you or you need to Siphon but keep the resources.

2 Apr 2015 bblum

Either seems fine but with crash space it's a little more difficult to end every turn at 5 cards instead of 4. You do always remove tags so the recurring creds are nice, but I'm not convinced it's worth a card slot. I'm actually not playing the plascrete at all anymore -- my latest is -1 plas, -1 passport, -2 casts, +1 earthrise, +3 dirty laundry. (Post-clot probably need to find room for an emergency shutdown.)