Northern Sol (Linköping Store Champ 1st)

tradet 235

We had a small Store Championship with 6 players and 3 rounds and this deck went 2-1. My runner deck went 3-0. Democracy and Dogma was not legal.

The one game I lost I lost on the runner's first turn on 4 single accesses into R&D and 4 agendas. The deck has performed fairly well (27 - 6) on and I never felt threatened during the day.

The deck doesn't do fast advance as well as NEH and it doesn't do glacier as well as foodcoats but it can both FA or glacier up if needed. I enjoy the flexibility the deck gives me.

I went 2x Restructure over Product Placement or Special Offer as Whizzard is popular and Special Offer isn't nearly as cost efficient when you're trying to glacier up. Archangel and Tollbooth are fantastic when used correctly (don't get poor) and News Hound is the best ice. A singleton Gutenberg as an efficient ice against anarch.

I haven't played much yellow, but yellow cards are good.