Northern Sol (Linköping Regionals 2nd, 8th after swiss)

tradet 235

After not playing Netrunner since our last store championship I basically brought the same decks. Runner deck. Democracy and Dogma was not legal.

I wanted to include Assassin so I went -1 Archangel -1 Gutenberg +2 Assassin. After the tournament I would cut down on the expensive ice a bit, I think the previous version worked better. Possibly include more etr like Quandary or Enigma. Product Placement over Restructure was a solid include, even with Whizzard running around.

There were 4 swiss rounds and I used my store champ bye. The deck went 1-2 during swiss after getting siphoned/keyholed and lost against a Noise with some good accesses (and bad play from me). The win was a close game against Dumblefork. I managed to get to the cut as the last player (tied for 10 points) by a lot of luck.

Went 2-1 later in the cut with the loss dropping me to the lower bracket. Lost against the same siphon MaxX as in the swiss and almost locked it out. Won another tight game against Dumblefork and a Noise who couldn't get set up (all 3 aesop's and 2 cache in the bottom cads).