Knights of the Round Table

Ephin_Antz 32

12 Jan 2017 Snake Eyes

Would recommend 3x Accelerated Beta Test since the downside of firing it is mitigated with The Foundry: Refining the Process 's ID ability. Priority Requisition is kind of a weak agenda here since your ice isn't THAT pricey.

Speaking of ICE though, you aren't running enough of it, and Excalibur is unique so only one copy of it can be rezzed anyway.

12 Jan 2017 Ephin_Antz

Thanks for the tips, i had already changed some but not Accelerated Beta Test , but wouldnt my id make it harder to get ice in RD since it would be in my hand?

12 Jan 2017 Ephin_Antz

But I have updated it. Knights of the Round Table Turing Tournament