HB Operational Brain Ambush

Krams 817

Hello NetrunnerDB Community,
I want to share this deck with you. Any comments are welcome :)

The main idea was to see how small I can get the runner's hand size. In most test games, runners had hand sizes around 0-2, which is awesome. But in most test games, I lost anyways. So just killing off their hand size seems to not be enough ;)

Both Fenris and Rototurret work surprisingly well, since people seem to assume you can just click through anything nasty and that the Corp can't end the run when you have your fracter and decoder out. Both assumptions are false.
Starting the game by scoring out Self-Destruct Chips behind Fenris and have the runner faceplant it while doing so is just great. Slap the Enforced Curfew on that and hand size is down to 1 by turn 3, which slows down the buildup phase a lot.

But once the runner is set up, there's not much left I can do. So I'm looking for suggestions on how to close the game.

P.S.: Viper over Enigma has cost me a game and won me another.

12 Jan 2017 Skeletons

Really nice! Mushin and Back Channels is my fave Cybernetics economy too.

12 Jan 2017 Theyos

Nice! Have you considered swapping maybe Junebugs and a Mushin for some Neural EMP? If you're having trouble rushing out 7 points and aren't able to get the kill on a 0-2 hand size it might be just the ticket. I personally don't see the need for another trap beyond Overwriter as they only need to all for one to be set up (it seems).

12 Jan 2017 Krams

I have thought about Neural EMP. The problem is, I need to fire 1-3 copies in a single turn for the kill, so I first need to get them all and hold onto them for the whole game.
To do this consistently I'd need 3 copies in my deck, which is 6 inf. I'd have to cut 2 Junebugs, a Mushin and a Snare for that and I don't really want to cut a Snare!

12 Jan 2017 Foxtrott

If you want to get multiple shots of Neural EMp off, you might also try overscored Vitruvius (3x Neural/Turn off 1 copy) or Archived Memories (2x Neural off 1 copy + Archived). Then 2 Copies overall should be fine. Example Build: -2 Junebug, -1 Snare, +1 Overwriter, +2 Neural EMP

12 Jan 2017 Krams

Well, that's worth a try. Getting an overscored Vitruvius isn't really that much of a problem thanks to Mushin.
Although I still don't like the thought of cutting Snare! since the Overweriters are pretty vulnerable to Medium deep digs.

12 Jan 2017 Theyos

I'd say only 2 EMPs if using a Vitruvius, so you can leave the snare.

12 Jan 2017 Krams

I have played a few test games with
-2 Junebug
-1 Mushin
+1 Overwriter
+2 Neural EMP
and every single win was a kill with EMP :D