Reverse, Restructure, Renovate

Tozar 685

This deck harnesses the economic power of Bryan Stinson to fund the otherwise prohibitively expensive scoring plan of fast advancing public agendas from hand with Mumbad Construction Co.. It also takes advantage of the synergy between these cards and Reversed Accounts to get your opponent's credit pool below 6.

An ideal start to the game would be to ice all three centrals. Temujin Contracts and Dirty Laundry are very popular economy cards in the current meta, so denying them easy successful runs from the start helps put you in position to trigger Bryan Stinson more reliably. Once you have your servers covered, start a remote with a Mumbad Construction Co., throw Bryan Stinson in a taxing server, and look for opportunities to use him. If your opponent play well and refuses to end their turn without 6 credits, throw down Reversed Accounts move counters to it from MCC, and use Bryan Stinson all in one turn.

Once you have your money (don't get greedy ), you can start scoring out. Your best scoring plan starts with fast advancing the Hollywood Renovation from hand, advancing it twice and moving the rest of the tokens from Mumbad Construction Co.. This sets you up nicely to Trick of Light a Project Atlas. At any time you can pretty easily score out an Oaktown Renovation for two credits with a couple Mumbad Construction Co. tokens. If you can manage to keep MCC on the table for even one turn, any public agenda can be scored from hand with the help of a Dedication Ceremony on MCC.

The ICE suite is designed to punish aggressive early runs where it counts (their credit pool) and tax runs on the MCC remote. About half of the ICE can be advanced, which helps for scoring with Trick of Light.

This deck can be played under Weyland Consortium: Builder of Nations if you prefer, just remove Violet Level Clearance, Lotus Field, New Construction, Cyberdex Virus Suite, and a Dedication Ceremony. Being able to move tokens from MCC to any faceup card lets you punish the runner for encountering any ICE.

Depending on the meta, Cyberdex Virus Suite can be replaced with Shattered Remains or Contract Killer which have devious interactions with MCC. Taking out Blue Level Clearance would open the window for other advanceable traps, but in my opinion scoring out with your MCC tokens is the safest and most reliable line of play.

25 Feb 2017 vor_lord

I played this a few times, and this is great deck design. There are so many interesting and fun lines of play. I did lose one game as the first transaction was the 27th card seen, but what can you do?

11 Jul 2017 erasurehead

Not quite sure what you mean in the fifth paragraph when you suggest removing a number of cards (some of which aren't even in the deck...) in order to play with a different Weyland id...? Could you please elaborate as to why and/or explain more in depth what you mean? Thx!

19 Sep 2017 agentbilly

I'm a little late here but @erasurehead what he means is that Weyland Consortium: Builder of Nations has a smaller min deck size as well as less influence. To take advantage of the smaller min deck size you'd move from 49 cards down to 44 and you also have to get down to 12 influence from 15.

19 Sep 2017 erasurehead

@agentbilly thx, got it. and I guess he means blue level clearance instead of violet (which isn't in the deck...)