CC: Sending a message back

disperse 98

My version of CommissarFeesh's 'Sending a Message Back' deck (

I'm trying to accelerate the early game by adding 3 Injects and the Conspiracy breakers. Also, I added in The Archivist and Citadel Sanctuary for additional traces later in the game.

This hasn't been play tested yet but the idea is to get to 5 link + the Security Nexus as soon as possible. Let me know if you have any ideas to make this deck faster.

31 Mar 2017 BizTheDad

Here's my suggestions: -2 Progenitor, -1 Itinerant Protesters, +1 Salsette Slums and +1 Scrubber.

I really like the concept though and I'm definitely going to give that a shot.

31 Mar 2017 disperse

@BizTheDad Yeah, I think you're right about the Progenitors. In most games so far they end up in the bin due to Inject. The Medium and Nerve Agent come back easy with a Déjà Vu but you can't tutor for the Progenitors. With all the asset spam on right now, the additional Scrubber and Salsette Slums are good calls.

31 Mar 2017 Valranoth

I've been running something similar with success, but I'm using Sports Hopper instead of Rabbit Hole. The extra influence goes into 2x Temujin, though that might change with the new MWL.

31 Mar 2017 disperse

@Valranoth Why not Access to Globalsec? The Rabbit Holes, although expensive, seem important to accelerate set-up.

2 Apr 2017 disperse

To improve the Jinteki match-up I've modified this as follows: -2 Progenitor, -1 Itinerant Protesters, +1 Trope, +1 Scrubber.