Keyhole Smoke

Dazzler 28

This deck is meant to run fast with freedom through equality and mad dash. Keyhole is there to disrupt the corp and blindside them. Thrashing agenda with Keyhole and run with mad dash + Freedom through equality to get them will get you a quick + 2 points. You could win this in just two turns!!

21 Apr 2017 TKMaximus

Why the 4 Inf spend on Aaron when your game plan is to win with only 2/3 agenda steals?

21 Apr 2017 FarCryFromHuman

@TKMaximus: I agree, I think the 4 inf on Aaron MarrĂ³n is unnecessary here.

The main game plan (trash two agendas with Keyhole and win with extra points from Mad Dash and "Freedom Through Equality") feels really fun to me but the deck doesn't support it all that well. Changes I'd make:

Get rid of Indexing, add Equivocation. Indexing is great with Mad Dash (and in general), but it conflicts with Keyhole. I don't think you need it and the slots could be better used. Equivocation does work with Keyhole and is effectively letting you pick from four cards.

Lose the Aarons. As stated you don't need them, and the 4 inf and 2 slots can be used for a lot of other things. I'd upgrade to Paperclip, for one, and take another TTW. You could also consider Switchblade.

Levy AR Lab Access is good as well, but I don't think its needed here.

Your is a bit short, especially if you switch to Equivocation. I'd consider the third Akamatsu Mem Chip.

I have a hard time running Smoke on at least two stealth breakers without three copies of Net Mercur, it's just so critical to see early for both stealth and draw. That's partially personal preference but with how single-minded and consistent the game plan is here I'd consider it.

30 Apr 2017 dawspawn

You might want to even think about Mirror over Astrolabe as a console. It would help with MU and make repeated Keyhole runs easier.