Ol' Dirty Smoke (Baby I Got Your Money)

JohnnyMilton 1015

So this is the best Smoke I've managed to make yet. It's the outcome of the exploration I was doing for this article:



Your run event threat is intense. Such hidden power. I feel like I win half the time because the Corp player sees Fawkes hit the table and then they mentally check out and suddenly BAM! Indexing into The Maker's Eye, single turn win.


Yeah, these can bunch up in hand a bit. Getting enough early money to keep pumping out those threats is the sticking point of this deck. You can run pretty mean and lean with Criminal-esque pressure though and lean on Same Old Thing recur anything you had to trash early.


Breakers above the faction curve with minimal support required that build towards a solid late game.


If you turn that Siphon into a Vamp and Paperclip into another Corroder you've got 3 influence. The Stimhack is great but non-essential. The Daily Casts, Visage and Quality Time could easily be swapped for your own favored economy. With enough draw power I'd even go down to two Net Mercur.

That's a lot of flex right? Enjoy.

2 May 2017 1337J4NK5P4MM3R

i like it but i think Sandburg with a big code gate in front of it and hq can lock u out...

2 May 2017 Quarg

Do you have a reason for using the vastly inferior Fawkes rather than Dagger? If you are especially worried of running out of stealth credits, squeeze in Cloak or two.

2 May 2017 dubious

@Quarg I'm pretty sure fawkes and houdini were chosen so that you only need 1 stealth cred for each breaker type (bar barriers) per run so that you dont have to run cloak, instead relying on smoke in the early game, then mercur in the late game.

Whether or not this is the right call is debatable but i know mr milton has done a buncho testing.

2 May 2017 JohnnyMilton

@Quarg totally what @dubious said. The the deck and MU space freed up by dropping Cloak lets us add Magnum Opus which is all kinds of useful.

I totally dig Dagger if you're going Datasucker support and max stealth credits in your rig but I've found that this rig gives a nice equality. Fawkes is a solid breaker, if not as good per single ICE, and MOpus is great for matchups where raw credit totals matter. The extra couple of deck slots let us add another pressure event or two.

2 May 2017 JohnnyMilton

@1337J4NK5P4MM3R yeah that would definitely suck. Still - if you can bank stealth credits on Mercur, Houdini stands a good chance of getting through economically, I think.

3 May 2017 Quarg

@dubious @JohnnyMilton I think the frequency of really high strength or stacked sentries is pretty minimal, and that with Net Mercur it's relatively easy to ensure you don't run out of stealth credits anyway, even with only one or two recurring credits.

Also, your final rig only uses up 5 of your 6 MU, so adding a single cloak would probably not be too difficult. (though it does of course mean you can't SMC for your last program, but you arn't using SMC for everything anyway.)

The raw credit savings on breaking sentries and code-gates is the main reason for playing stealth breakers in the first place, and using Fawkes is just throwing that advantage in the bin for the sake of conserving stealth credits that you can easily get more of anyway.

I'll agree that access to MOpus is certainly helpful, particularly for dealing with the onslaught of asset spam, but you can reasonably both use MOpus and a sensible stealth rig.

4 May 2017 Myriad

Account Siphon seems bad here... not consistent enough. I like Vamp, especially with planned assault.

I would think Egret would probably be a better 6th mu than a cloak, given you are on Fawkes.

There is a pretty big problem with Fawkes though, which is that it is basically a Worse Ninja. Dagger is pretty much mandatory.

I would also drop Clippy or Corroder and just run an AI as your flex.

Egret gets pretty interesting with Clippy or some efficient breakers. I also really like the inclusion of Opus and Mirror. Its something I have been meaning to experiment with.

This deck seems to have some weaknesses to Skorpios.

Finally, if memory is an issue, consider the new TD daemon. It will open up MU for Opus or SMC.