Clicking the money away v2

The Squid 68

This is a revisit of a deck that was extremely effective for my play and wanted to try and make it better so what does the internet think?

19 May 2017 Krams

The internet thinks it doesn't like Zed 1.0 ;P
(Also, Hourglass.)

Overall, I'd say it's a little bit Code Gate heavy and you might run into trouble against highly efficient decoders like Gordian Blade, Study Guide or Savant.

But I like the idea of a Melange+Sandburg glacier... Not the most robust strategy, but a really nice idea for a non-standard deck :)
Also, Heinlein Grid + False Lead? Really? I had to laugh a bit. I am SO going to try this deck! +1 Fav!

19 May 2017 The Squid

@Krams let me know what kind of ice suite you would decide to play in place of. after i saw the fact it was codegate heavy i would like to consider using Will-o'-the-Wisp so something to this effect